Businesses investing in training is a must

Businesses investing in training is a must

A report from Econsultancy highlighted the fact that over 55% of marketers have not completed any sort of marketing qualification, or training programme. This is a huge percentage and is especially concerning when you think about all the noise that’s made about professional development within the workplace.   This is so important for any business to be able to move forward with their company and grow.  Companies that provide Office Cleaning City of London way know the important which is why every single one of their team have the relevant training to carry out their role.  Businesses investing in training is a must

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To give you a little more insight into why businesses need to invest in training for marketers, consider the following:

How do marketers learn?

With such easy access to the internet, you’d think that marketers would spend a lot of time self-learning, or taking advantage of whatever business online training resource they could find. But when asked about learning, most marketers said that they learn the majority of their skills on courses, and full day training seminars. Taking the initiative themselves didn’t seem high up on the list of priorities.

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How often do marketers learn?

Given that there are plenty of opportunities to learn, and that an entity provides full courses online, you’d think that those in the business would spend a lot of time learning. The truth is, unless pushed to do so, most marketers don’t. More than 60% of marketers have admitted to spending a maximum of two days a month learning more, and the majority point out the fact that the places they work for do little to facilitate or encourage further learning, or have no formal learning strategy in place.

Employers take charge

It’s clear from the two questions above that the employee needs to be the one to promote learning, and if this is not done, business marketers may well simply stagnate, or continue to work without any formal training. With the startup culture becoming so large there are a number of small companies emerging, and in this case, and the case of larger conglomerates, staff education is key.

Not only does having a trained workforce benefit a business, when it comes to the marketing sector there are always changes and developments that need to be noted, embraced and utilised to realise the best potential.

Any business that’s looking to grow should invest in training for its marketers, and by staying abreast of current trends and making the most of available resources, the advantages of a sound marketing strategy that’s backed by learned staff should shine through.


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