Bring Christmas to the whole House!

Bring Christmas to the whole House!

If you really want your whole home to be filled with the spirit of Christmas, you really need to, bring Christmas to every room of your house! So, see a few ideas that should have your whole house transformed into a cosy Christmas paradise (and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune!)

Kitchen: The hub of the house at Christmas, the kitchen will really be put to the test when it comes to the all-important Christmas dinner! Keeping this in mind, you obviously don’t want decorations strewn all over the work surfaces, but how about some pretty ornaments on cupboard handles, or some festive window stickers? Get some pretty Christmas tea towels and a fun Christmas apron for the chef!  Keep it low-key but with a festive presence!

Dining Room: You can go all out here – the table decorations are the main thing. Try making your own with some seasonal foliage like holly, or make some pretty candle displays. Don’t forget the chairs! Cover them with pretty Christmas chair covers for that extra special festive touch.

Bring Christmas to the whole House

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Bathroom: Most people don’t traditionally think of decorating the bathroom but why not? It’s part of the home after all! How about some festive air freshener candles? There are loads around in the supermarkets at Christmas time. Maybe get some seasonal smelling shower gels and soaps – cranberry or gingerbread for example! If you are looking at new bathrooms in Essex company you will be brought it up to date for the festive season.

Bedrooms: If it’s a child’s bedroom, really bring in the magic of Christmas with twinkling fairy lights and of course a stocking at the end of the bed, ready for that all important visit from the big man himself! For an adult’s room, how about a bedspread in festive reds and golds, or even tartan to snuggle up in on those cold winter nights. Decorate it with candles and maybe some mistletoe for a romantic winter bedroom!

Living Room: The main room and the room that houses the tree! The tree has to be the main focus of the room, go as big as you can, and get the whole family involved in decorating it however you like. Try pretty ribbons and traditional ornaments for a classic look, or some glass stars and twinkling fairy lights will make the tree look truly magical. If you have a mantelpiece this is perfect for hanging stockings and you could place the letters to Santa in them in anticipation of his visit!

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