Benefits of using CRM for property management

Benefits of using CRM for property management

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software system designed to help with the administration of a property management firm’s clients. Today, most high-end estate agents use some form of CRM within their business plan, but what is so attractive about CRM and why has it become so popular?

Benefits of using CRM for property management

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Easy access to customer information

Many successful estate agents have a number of lead generation streams. Some will get their contacts from their sphere of influence, social media, online advertising, farming and direct mail campaigns in addition to their own websites.

Keeping a manual database for all these sources and the customers they generate can be a cumbersome business. When you use a CRM, all this information is consolidated in one place. Contacts can be organised easily and their information shared across multiple platforms, such as laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet.

Allows you to maintain contact with old clients

The purpose of CRM for property management is not just to find new clients. While this might be a useful aspect of CRM, it is also great for keeping an estate agent in contact with previous clients. According to the National Association of Realtors, 88 per cent of buyers claimed that they would use their estate agent again, yet only 12 per cent actually do. The reason for this is that many estate agents do not keep in contact with their old clients over the years. With a CRM system, companies can keep in touch with clients by sending things such as birthday or anniversary emails automatically.

Benefits of using CRM for property management2

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Instant feedback

A good CRM from a provider such as will give you information about what works. This means you should get statistics on things such as click rates on links, data on how many emails are opened, and which listings are proving to be the most popular. With this information to hand, you will be able to see what is working and alter your system accordingly.

Automating activities and cost saving

Using a CRM makes everything simple. Estate agents can organise and schedule meetings with customers in addition to storing information so that not a single sales lead is missed. Timing is everything in the competitive world of property management. If things are automated, you will have more chance of capturing these clients with less human input, thereby saving you money.


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