Benefits of a Garden Clear Out

Benefits of a Garden Clear Out

As spring approaches, why not sort out your back garden and eliminate any winter build-up? A springtime clean-up means you enjoy all your back garden has to offer during the summer without feeling like it needs avoiding because the hedges are overgrown or the plants have gone wild. Here are some jobs that will spruce up your yard and make you want to sit out in it:

  1. Removal of Winter Debris

Debris builds up during the winter, and you’ll want to clear it out as it provides the perfect home and hiding place for a whole host of creepy crawlies and small furries! It will also improve the look of your garden and offer good horticultural benefits. Rake up the leaves, twigs, weeds, and other debris that might have blown into your garden space. Some leaves are beneficial for soil, but most will starve the soil of sunlight, making it die out. A few composted leaves are suitable for flower beds, but too many could be a breeding ground for fungal diseases.

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  1. Trimming and Pruning

To make your garden look tidy again, you’ll want to trim the shrubs, which can help them bloom better when the time comes. Winter weather conditions can harm tree branches, so pruning back any dead limbs is essential for improving the appearance and health of the tree. Trim back perennials, and they will grow back even better than before. For bigger garden clearing jobs and landscaping, consider mini Excavator Hire Leicester from Greens Haulage, suppliers of Excavator Hire Leicester

  1. Edging

To tidy up your beds and tree bases, make a deep edge, which can be the difference between looking ok and amazing. A deep edge helps to differentiate the bed from the grass, creating a more professional look. They look better, making the turf and the beds easier to maintain during the spring and summer. 

  1. Mulching the Beds

Remember to add a layer of mulch to your flower beds, which improves the appearance and makes the plants healthier. The mulch adds extra organic material to the soil, helping the plants retain moisture better. At the base of any trees, remove any build-up of old mulch, as excess amounts touching the base can cause damage to the tree.

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Wipe down outdoor furniture and wash any cushions. If you notice anything is broken, fix or replace it before the sun comes out and you realise you have nowhere to sit! Carrying out a few basic clean-ups at this time of year can save you time-consuming chores in summer when you want to make the most of your outside space.

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