Attracting customers with immersive lighting

Attracting customers with immersive lighting

All businesses want to attract customers but how to do this? This is the most challenging and difficult enterprise for retail and hospitality industries. Smart retailers know that a breath-taking experience is the way to attract customers. So, how can a business make an impression with their shop window, and how do you ensure that it attracts customers and persuades them to come and stay?

Lighting is a strong tool to attract more customers. Lighting solutions with an immersive edge allow you to use dynamic lighting techniques like a theatre production in a store window or merchandizing display, and change a simple window or screen into a true visual sensation.

Attracting customers with immersive lighting

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Attract more customers with dynamic lighting

Retail studies have demonstrated that using dynamic lighting greatly contributes to the attention given to your shop window or interior displays. Variations in the brightness of light can be directed on the products you wish to focus on, making your shop window or interior displays more visually appealing. Create particular atmospheres by controlling the colour temperature of the lighting. By adding contrast in colour temperatures, shop designs will look original and interesting, resulting in more attention from customers who are having a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Attracting and retaining customers

Adding colour to your lighting makes it more visually stimulating. Certain colours can be used to change the colour perception of a customer, highlight products or tell brand stories. Dynamic lighting contributes significantly to attracting and influencing your customer’s attention. LED-lighting systems intelligently allow you to create the perfect ambience at any time by changing the colour, contrast, or dimming based on time of year, the season, or even the time of day. Imagine what you can do with the infinite possibilities of Immersive Lighting. For a truly Immersive Experience, visit a site like

Lighting allows you to attract attention and to influence consumer purchase decisions. This makes dynamic LED lighting systems an essential part of visual merchandising when applied correctly!

Attracting customers with immersive lighting2

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How marketers may use these methods depends on their destination. Restaurants selling healthy food, for example, should increase the brightness of the light because a healthy diet is considered more utilitarian. Whereas restaurants selling desserts and other more indulgent food-might find it more beneficial to dim the lights.

Because lighting is very easy to manipulate, marketers can also convert the light from room to room in a store, or change the lighting on advertising certain products, cranking the spotlight on new products while dimming it on others.


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