A guide to installing a TV aerial in your loft

If you are not receiving a good TV reception, you may be thinking about installing an aerial in your loft. This is something householders can do themselves; however, good preparation is essential.

A guide to installing a TV aerial in your loft

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Gather your information

Before starting, check what is likely to work. Is a rooftop aerial out of the question? Where is the transmitter, and how strong is the signal? Do any of your neighbours have loft aerials?

Plan the installation

It is a good idea to research thoroughly as you plan the installation. There is lots of information available online and it is important to understand where your transmitter is located – Wolfbane has a listing based on postcode. Aerials are directionally sensitive, so you will need to know which way to point it.

You will also need to know what channels numbers are in use for your address – Digital UK can help with this. How strong and how close is the transmitter? This will determine whether you need an aerial providing high gain. High gain aerials can be more prone to interference, so only choose one if you really need it. Use high-quality connectors and cables to avoid interference or signal loss.

A guide to installing a TV aerial in your loft2

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Fit the aerial

When you have carefully planned your installation and purchased the items you need, you can go ahead and install the aerial. Always work with safety in mind and remember that the loft may not have solid floors, could be quite dark, and will have restricted headroom. Fit the aerial as high as you practically can to receive the best possible signal. This will also help to avoid the aerial being a hazard when you are next in the loft. If possible, take a portable television with you so that you can test the best alignment – poor reception will give poor picture quality.


All sorts of things can lead to poor reception. Metal pipework, water tanks, electrical wiring and even thick walls can reduce the signal. Worcester TV aerial repair specialists such as http://steveunettaerials.co.uk/services/tv-aerials-repair-installation-worcester/ can be invaluable if you would like professional assistance.


Once you have installed the correct aerial in the correct position, the good news is that the installation should last a lot longer than a comparable outdoor one, as it is protected from the weather.

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