5 More Steps to a Successful Office Fitout

5 More Steps to a Successful Office Fitout

In an earlier post we gave you the first five steps to a successful office fitout. Here are the next five to help you move that project to completion.

5 More Steps to a Successful Office Fitout

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Keep Working

Refurbishment, especially if it is going on around your staff, can cause disruption and lower productivity. You can plan for this by using any additional space that you have such as meeting rooms or allowing flexible working (working from home) to give staff peace and quiet if necessary. Get your project team to keep a watchful eye on the work going on in the office and to address problems as they come up. Office fit out companies will do all they can to support your business in this period.

The Build

This is the point where you see your vision becoming a reality – but don’t sit back and wait. Stay involved in the process, speaking to your contractor. Make sure that you are aware of the health and safety aspects of working on a site undergoing a refurbishment.

Experienced office fit out companies such as https://mobiusatwork.co.uk/ will know exactly how to bring your project to a successful conclusion safely and considerately.

5 More Steps to a Successful Office Fitout2

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Moving Out

If you’re leaving one office to move to another, make sure that you have checked your contract to see what state you need to leave the space in. Most contracts include a clause for ‘dilapidations’, which means that you must leave the building in the same state that it was when you moved in. Your contractor will be familiar with these sorts of regulations and will know how best to help you.

Moving In

There are professional office removal companies that will have experience in relocations and can help to make this process as smooth as possible. It might be worth moving in stages if you can, by relocating half the staff on one day and the remainder on the next so that your productivity doesn’t suffer.


While the chances are that you won’t be doing this again soon, it’s still worth holding a review meeting to see how the process went. Invite your contractor in case there are any lessons they can learn or rectifications that need to be made.

And there you are – we hope that this guide has helped you to plan your big move!

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