5 more reasons to opt for a letter over email

5 more reasons to opt for a letter over email

Everything in our modern digital era happens so fast. The internet has made it so easy to complete transactions in the blink of an eye, whether that’s buying an outfit from your favourite online store or sending your CV to a prospective employer.

5 more reasons to opt for a letter over email

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Email has enabled us to communicate with each other without having to wait for the postal service to get involved, which can be a real timesaver, but it doesn’t always feel as though we’re better people for it. Taking the time to sit down with pen and paper and write a letter would seem to be bucking the trend, but maybe it’s time we started to appreciate this old-fashioned approach to communication.

We’ve already looked at five compelling reasons to choose to write a letter rather than an email, and in case that hasn’t persuaded you, here are five more.

1. You can take a more considered approach.

Fast communication means that we can act on our gut instinct without taking the time to check the facts or to allow our emotions to calm down. In fact, an article on the BBC website suggests employing more restraint when communicating electronically, encouraging us to treat emails in the same way as we would handwritten letters.

5 more reasons to opt for a letter over email2

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2. It’s a novelty.

Receiving a handwritten letter is such a rarity these days that it’s noteworthy. Before email became so prevalent, we all used to treasure letters that we’d received, reading and re-reading them and pinning them to a noticeboard or squirreling them away in a treasure box. You simply can’t do that with an email.

3. It’s romantic.

Nothing says “I love you” like a handwritten note on scented paper. For added impact, use coloured stationery and add a dab of your favourite scent before sealing the envelope.

4. Handwritten words are more engaging than printed ones.

Your recipient will spend more time reading your penned missive than they would on an electronic one, giving your message greater impact.

5. A letter shows you care.

Taking the time to sit down and write a letter shows the recipient that you really care about them. This can be particularly important for members of the older generation, many of whom are unfamiliar with electronic messaging. Essex Funeral Directors  often find that they receive letters either thanking them for their services or to pass onto the families of those that they arrange funerals, showing that letter writing is still a high emotive form of communication.


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