5 more great reasons to start sewing

5 more great reasons to start sewing

With the recent rise in interest in all aspects of sewing, from basic mending skills right up to creating your own soft furnishings for your home, as well as the more intense needlework like embroidery and cross stitch, sewing offers something for everyone.

5 more great reasons to start sewing

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You used to need to be shown how to learn sewing skills but these days, like so many other skills, you can watch tutorials on practically any aspect of needlework online.

Video sites like YouTube host thousands of videos on all aspects of sewing, and are contributing to its growth as a pastime as reported by the Guardian.

If you are considering taking your first steps in the world of needlework, here are five more reasons to start sewing.

Time honoured and beloved

For many of us sewing, knitting and other home related crafts remind us of those we saw practising those skills when we were young. Generations of our mothers and grandmothers used these skills daily and passed them on to the next generation. Sadly, that rarely happens now and so it’s a lovely thing to be able to learn a craft, and like past generations, pass those skills on to future generations.

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Amazing and unique

Homemade gifts not only show a lot of love, time and forethought have gone into them, they are unique and special in a way no mass-produced product could ever be.

With huge choices of materials and accessories, anything you create, even clothing, will be customised and unique. You can purchase your materials or dress making fabrics in person or online at places like http://www.quality-fabrics.co.uk/dressmaking-fabrics-14-c.asp.

Always something new to learn

With sewing machines sporting an ever-expanding range of stitches and finishes for you to try as well as the vast range of areas covered by the umbrella of sewing, there is always something new to try, a new skill to master.

All for the pleasure

In the past, sewing was often part of domestic work, a necessary part of being a housewife. Now we don’t need to sew, but when you choose to make your own soft furnishings or repair your favourite summer skirt, you can do it for the pure pleasure of being creative and enjoying the work itself.


Needlework requires concentration and keeps the mind sharp with the demands of its precision stitches and measurements.

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