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    Interesting facts about copper

    Copper has been around for a very long time and it is actually found in ores. It is thought that a large proportion of copper is found naturally in igneous and sedimentary rocks on Earth. Human beings have been using it for well over 8,000 years and the smelting of the ore into metal has […]

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    How to Successfully Change your Career

    For many of us lockdown gave us the opportunity to reflect and take stock of our lives – was it everything we wanted? Were we happy? And how could it be improved? Lots of people also found that circumstances beyond their control forced them to assess their lives and start to make plans for the […]

  • The business of selling Android Applications

    Since the boom occurred in the sale of smartphones worldwide and from the positioning of Android as the operating system used on most mobile devices they have emerged as new and lucrative product development platform. Creating applications for Android has meant big business for many companies and independent programmers who have started to schedule them […]

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