Advergaming: Marketing and Advertising in videogames

Advergaming: Marketing and Advertising in videogames

The marketing and advertising on the video game market is rising every day increased interest in companies as support for campaigns promoting publicized. Advergaming is known as the practice that uses video games to advertise a brand or any product.

Gamification will in the future be the main form of interaction between client and companyIt is also usual to refer to the in-game advertising as the term that designates advertising in video games. This market, undoubtedly in continuous growth, has more than 55 million users worldwide and during recent years the increase in sales has been a constant that has been seen increased by the appearance of new platforms and related products.

It is also anticipated that this growth can surpass even other leisure or entertainment media such as movies, movies, etc … The technology and features of today’s videogames allow us to operate on these “multimedia and interactive” media, generating a continuous exhibition of the user before the advertised brand. Companies know that mass channels are increasingly saturated and the search for new formulas to reach the user and the consumer make the videogame the most suitable medium to promote their products and advertising campaigns.

The topic of videogames was a world destined for the most youthful public has changed. This profile has evolved and the average age of people who habitually invest part of their time entertaining with video games has increased over 35 years of age, which implies that the target audience to which the campaigns of Marketing and advertising is much broader than 5 years ago.

Advertising Age , a publication specializing in advertising, advances among some novelties in this field that the company responsible for Playstation 3 intends to launch an open and free platform, aimed at the advertising trade in video games, in the same way as other companies such as Double Fusion or AdScape. Other companies like Electronic Arts have already bet clearly on videogame advertising. Similarly, the free Quake Live video game will start with advertising financing to guarantee revenues.

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