The vital importance of content in our marketing strategy

The vital importance of content in our marketing strategy

Part of the strategy of any company, and therefore, as part of the Marketing and Communication Plan, we must take into account the content strategy.

It is very easy to fall into errors when planning the content and information that we generate as a company. The most important thing is to be clear who we want to reach, and therefore determine what matters to our target audience.

Business strategyWe do not forget that our potential recipients (the consumers of our product or service), are becoming more adept at finding information (especially online), so part of the strategy should be aimed at facilitating find us, and either through those concrete terms to help us position our information, and through specific locations where our target look.

The type of content that we provide, should be adequate to meet the needs of those who are going. It is very easy to fall into the temptation to target information to tell what “great we are and how well we do things,” and that’s fine if what we sell is our personal brand, but when we want to sell our products or Services, what interests us is to integrate them into the information that we release to the market in a coherent and non-intrusive way, so that the product or service itself is the solution to the issue being addressed, and always in those forums that perceive it as one benefit .

If we had to break down the steps to set content strategy , could be the following

  • Define our objectives we want to achieve and as part of all, always integrated into an overall strategy and taking into account the latest market trends.
  • Segmenting the target audience properly as a result of actual research interests so get differentiate by content type and channel.
  • Define the best channel and medium (support) to get the information to the target audience. If we take into account some recent studies, specialized items are those that have a better ROI within the content strategy.
  • Generate content: Create high quality content using those techniques or resources that bring information to users (infographics, videos, articles, posts, etc) and whose cost is the one that allows us to optimize better.
  • Calculate the costs of each of the channels and techniques chosen and set goals return.

And then … How do we do it?

Generating contents that are useful for those who read them, being generous with the information we provide, trying to generate “engagement” with those who will find us and above all … facilitating solutions through our products or services.

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