The formula for success of an advertising campaign online

The formula for success of an advertising campaign online

When you begin to devise a strategy for online marketing, in my opinion and that of many marketers two lines on which work can start. Best results can be expected when it achieves a correct combination of the two and has a strategic sense (both ways move forward with common goals):

– Organic Line: are all those techniques that are not paid for clicks achieved (explained in a simple way): social networking, SEO, blogging, video blogging, viral campaigns, and storytelling among others.

– Line or online advertising PPC: Pay techniques to get qualified traffic for a particular product or service: Google Adwords, social ads (advertising on social networks), and banners … among others.

The formula for success of an advertising campaign online3 keys to address the campaign advertising online

Before you start doing anything, there are 3 key points to keep in mind:

  1. Define the objectives of the campaign: most times the main objective is to increase sales but we also find branding campaigns and collection of records or fans for more indirect sales process. Depending on the type of product can be a good choice.
  2. Define the audience / potential customers well: very obvious I know, but I see many companies advertising shoot and have only deepened this..
  3. Knowing the channels most likely to succeed: by that I mean sometimes you have to discard some input channels. An example might be if you are a B2B (business to business), your best option will not be an advertising campaign on Facebook. It never hurts more, know what they spend their advertising budgets companies.

Formula of success in online advertising campaign

At this point, we can go to see what the most important variables are to define what may be the formula for success in online advertising:

R = I + 4C

These variables are defined as follows:

R = Return on online advertising campaign.

I = brand identity. If it is a recognized brand with good branding the odds of getting a good return is higher. This helps to clear doubts. Branding matter if you want to increase your sales.

These 4C = 4 C represents the 4 processes vital to a good campaign:

– Attracting traffic to the website: Adwords, social ads…

– Convert visitors into “prospects”: Here plays an important role design and usability of the website or alternatively the “landing page” that we used. The goal is to capture the registry to work it properly.

– Convert the “prospects” in customers: This stage is that many uninitiated in the obvious marketing or skips directly. Most sales are not made on the spot, and are records that can be launched not too invasive communications to go moving them closer to the time of purchase. The strategy of email marketing is key to the achievement of objectives at this stage.

– Convert customers “ambassadors” it is also a forgotten phase. Some of the actions that can be performed include: periodically send information value, satisfaction surveys, trade preferences (exclusive campaigns for clients) among others.

As you can see, online advertising is a process. This is not only to see the number of initial click and sales. This is a very poor vision and we miss the opportunity to optimize some stages that allow us to greatly improve the profitability of an online advertising campaign.

Do you think this formula is correct? It must be something else in mind for a campaign of this style?

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