Digital Marketing: I do not know if I am old enough to dedicate myself to it

Digital Marketing: I do not know if I am old enough to dedicate myself to it

In the last few years it has taken on a special, important relevance and it has become essential to manage itself in the art of digital marketing. It seems a field reserved for young professionals, born in the digital age, people who know how to behave in the internet medium and sometimes gives the impression that it is their natural environment. Well, I would like to give two news to the neophytes in the subject and that they need its development. There are two news regarding this that I think I need to know, if you are a professional in the field of business and if you have responsibility in a company and believe that you have “passed the rice” in this digital marketing, The first of these news is that it is indeed necessary to be handled in the internet medium if your company has commercial pretensions in that environment and the second news is that if you have a few savvy knowledge and experience in traditional marketing, you will be much easier to believe Adapt, it will not cost you the least. This news comes after glimpsing the behavior of customers and the strategies of companies in the short-medium and long term.

Digital Marketing I do not know if I am old enough to dedicate myself to itWith regard to the first news, ie the need to manage digital marketing, we should not give many more reasons, and is that if you intend to market your product or service for customers who use the internet, you will have no choice but to handle the techniques they generate Attention, desire, purchase and loyalty, but as it will prove this need is imposed just as when it must adapt to a new market, a new distribution channel, to new customers. So it will be your mission to discover how we behave the customers in the network, how the competition does, what possibilities we have diffusion, how online advertising works, which is emailing, the possibilities that the mobile phone has as a buying support And characteristics of its marketing, in order to enter into a world that has its peculiarities, But must remember above all that the important thing remains the customer who uses such means. Although if you try to review publications, forums, blog, etc., on the subject, you can assault the doubt of whether it is necessary to have a professional profile and even, this is a personal opinion, go a little further, a dressless way of dressing , Use a lot of Anglo-Saxon terminology (almost all of this area of specialization is done in English, but still the terms translated from the traditional mk), have a boxed age in a fork between 25/30 years, if you assault that doubt and Believes that his profile does not fit with those “gurus” of online marketing (for being too old, not dressing informally, not using labels and terminology in English, etc.,) is not necessarily calm, does not exist in this case , A relationship between form and content, because just as anyone can be a great professional in traditional marketing, anyone can be a perfect digital marketing professional, even better for that of virtual presence. It is not a lot reserved for a few, You can belong to that group, moreover, it must belong, if it is at stake the need of your company and the presence of your customers

With respect to the second story commented, I think it will reassure you if you are a professional with experience in traditional marketing and have a sound knowledge of this, your adaptation to online marketing, will not cost too much effort. And I comment this because there are no differences of bulk between both types of marketing, only the differences that must be respected is what the knowledge indicates, and it is that it must adapt to the internet environment with what it entails. After all the actions / strategies / tactics that are made to segment, present products / services, capture customers, branding, loyalty, everything absolutely everything, follows the same rules in both types of marketing (I insist with the qualification to keep in mind the internet medium And respect their rules of the game).

So, if you ever doubted the impossibility of being a valid professional for this area of marketing, forget it, you can be the next “guru” in a short time of online marketing, other good news does not seem ?. You will often listen to professionals who have spent time dedicating themselves to this discipline and who have obtained good results, recommend that you try different things in this area, do different things, that there is nothing written in online marketing, which is a field to discover , That there are no axioms demonstrated and I absolutely agree, but just as anyone who believes that traditional marketing is all invented or known, or worse that is “dead” or obsolete, knows nothing, has not learned anything from marketing . It’s more,

Given these two news that are of interest, I have only to tell you that as you know the internet is presented as a business opportunity that can not afford to ignore and that marketing (in this case online) as always will help To the exploitation of such opportunity. Finally encourage you, if you are a little far and / or have some fear of entering the online world, since for you it is something far and outside your scope of action, with a little dedication, interest and training you will be able to design, Develop and control digital campaigns, even in the worst of cases you will have a professional, critical and important look in case you have to hire specialists in these proceedings, and this will be important as you can avoid haircuts in the form of money turned into expenses that do not investment,

Approaching the world of digital marketing, with little effort, will allow you to identify these characters immediately, with great value for the interests of the company. It is two news that I tell you that I hope to help you get started if you have not already done it in online marketing and break any bias that is presented as a barrier to such access. Being a neophyte in this discipline is not justification for not starting, your company will thank you and your professional career.

* PD I always write “guru” between quotes because I do not believe in this idealized figure, created by book sellers, media authors and sources of interests different from own knowledge, experience and results. If there was a “guru” he would recognize it immediately, because he would see how the expert, the professional, the valid admits that his knowledge is not enough to answer all the questions, that is as close as it will be to one of them. So, please, leave me the license. Thank you

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