Companies have increasingly clear that content marketing is essential

Companies have increasingly clear that content marketing is essential

90% of companies already includes content marketing in your marketing plan, an area to which allocated 12% of its budget.

The main objective of your content strategy is to generate leads or what is the same, new customers. According reflects the latest Content Marketing Survey, published by IMN. As companies have matured in this area, and allocate more and more resources, interest focuses specifically on attracting potential customers and prospects interested in acquiring your services or products.

Companies have increasingly clear that content marketing is essentialThe degree of professionalization of enterprises has reached such a level that 11% of these marketers believe that your experience and level of training to set up and manage content marketing strategies has increased considerably. In fact, many companies and brands can now even boast of being consider as authentic content producers.

This experience leads them to make tangible goals and be able to measure the results of their actions. Thus, 44% of the nearly 100 companies that participated in the survey indicated that their main challenge is to get leads through such actions. This determination is proof that companies have clearer how your investment than the previous year; when only 16% said they worry about reaching that goal.

According to the survey, followed in order of importance to increase brand awareness and generate engagement (19%); concerns that last year topped the list. The goal that has gone down in order of importance with respect to 2012 is to increase customer loyalty. Appearing in third position (17%) currently only 7% placed this aim as a priority, something that could be worrisome. One can only hope that other companies develop strategies to achieve this goal, as it could be to strengthen its customer service through social channels.

The positive thing is that no company scored a priority to increase their profits, which in the previous period was important for 9% of companies.This attitude indicates an awareness towards the need to add value and give customers reasons to own initiative want to bet on the brand.

Companies have increasingly clear that content marketing is essential as an integrated part of their marketing strategies, being aware that “only the traditional communication and no sense” because it does not usually arouse the same interest or allow reach levels of engagement that the contents of most attractive brand.

Another relevant issue in all this is directly related to the ways in which these companies are based to measure the results of its strategy.

Companies have also evolved in terms of the measurement results. 49% of companies making reference to the number of potential contacts made when evaluating the effectiveness of its strategy. Last year, only 1 in 5 companies paid attention to this metric. Meanwhile, the main measure in which marketers were based on 2012, the rate of opening their campaigns e-mail marketing (24%) has fallen virtually obsolete (6%).

This firm commitment to content marketing by 90% of marketers should exert greater budgetary investment, which currently spends just 10%. Let us hope that in the near future increase, and thus the positive results of companies.

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