A good SEO professional can compete from you to you with big companies

A good SEO professional can compete from you to you with big companies

It is one of the matters that is increasingly taken into account in business strategies, market expansions and even offline promotions. It is one of the most interesting branches in marketing strategy, which can give you benefits if it is well done, which allows for capital visibility at a controlled cost. If it is well done, it is safe and sustainable over time and works on multiple channels.

It is a discipline with great professionals who have nothing to envy to foreigners and who occupy high positions in the departments of marketing, content, internationalization, publicity, writing, … of almost all the companies with high visibility in Internet: media, Ecommerce platforms, traffic aggregation projects, services, travel agencies, social networks, …

A good SEO professional can compete from you to you with big companiesAnd, as in all the niches booming, much intrusism and ignorance on the part of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and managers. Despite the amount of information that exists, of good information that is in the network, I enervate to see publications that have not learned that the subject is going and they go to give “lessons” on SEO, advices of doubtful viability And even harmful; Or service companies that have nothing to do with the SEO that send emails to their customers with “strange” tips. Internet is full of very good professionals and very bad professionals. It is easy to divide the grain from the chaff, but it is important to pay close attention.

How is the day to day SEO consultant?

Interesting. Imagine a sport where every day you have to learn new rules. Not only new, but changes in rules that were already known. This is what happens with our work. Every morning we have to check our sites and those of our clients to check that everything is correct. We read a lot, we are connected to current SEO almost to the minute. And this is what makes our work so interesting.

Do companies increasingly rely on SEO within their strategy?

Yes. Those companies that want to dump in the online channel or those that have exhausted the offline or a very steep rise curve have to look for new sales channels. And there is also an appearance of new services, new products that previously did not exist that see in the flow of visitors that bring the searchers a fairly simple way to monetize an investment.

Is SEO a good opportunity for SMBs?

Perhaps it is one of the few that can win the game to the big companies. SEO needs work, flexibility, speed of action and decision making in a short space of time, something that many large companies can not do. And it is an opportunity in which, counting on a good professional, be it inhouse, freelance or agency, you can compete from your to your with big companies. That yes, SEO requires time and dedication, so no matter how small you are, you will need to turn all your efforts into it.

 The eternal question … SEM or SEO?

Why? It’s like asking: Do you want to wear pants or a shirt? They are two fundamental parts of an internet strategy: In the first, in the PPC, the impact lasts while you are making the campaign but this is produced from the first moment and in SEO the impact lasts longer but takes longer to be visible. They are two different strategies that respond to different needs but that look for the same: return on investment in advertising.

How should SEO relate to other disciplines such as Web Analytics, Usability or Social Media?

Hand in hand. It wants to confront the professionals of these disciplines and it is a mistake. Ideally, a company could afford the investment of PPC, SEO, Analytics, Usability and Social Media professionals, but it is true that not everyone can take it, so it is best that each company decide the field they want to cover and look for The best professionals in the industry for this. The more knowledge the professional has, the better it can help the other fields.

 Where does SEO evolve?

You ask me to become seer seer. Hard to put it on. The SEO evolves with each search engine that appears, with each search engine, either applications in any of the different operating system stores (iPhone shop, google play or android market, to give a few examples), or on the different search engines Of websites that order their results based on a few parameters: facebook, tripadvisor or linkedin and xing, for example. They are some of the most interesting cases of search engines that are susceptible of being worked to improve the visibility of certain webs.

Without a doubt, the SEO has a great turning point in the local and in the mobile. As long as we can achieve greater visibility in mobile devices, which accompany the user at all times, local search will become the necessary element for almost every type of web, each type of destination. But perhaps the most that will change the world of search engine optimization, search engine optimization is the evolution that take two fundamental paths: social search and semantic search. These will be the great horses of battle of the future in the positioning in search engines.

Are you a teacher in the  III Professional SEO Master of KSchool  Are there trained professionals in this field?

Yes. There are well-trained professionals with a large background, high work capacity and already holding management positions, decision-making positions in the marketing world, in SMEs and large companies. What is needed are trained professionals, knowledgeable, preferably practical, but with a great theoretical base of quality to be part of SEO departments of large companies, especially in large cities, that is why it is so important that the training is done With people who are already working, who have real cases and not with theory alone (we can all read a book and think that’s enough)

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