The Rise of the Gastropub – How Pubs Have Changed Through Hard Times

The Rise of the Gastropub – How Pubs Have Changed Through Hard Times

Pubs in the UK have been through a lot in recent years – from the recession that started in 2008, to the pandemic that resulted in lockdowns and closed the pubs for a while, it has been a hard time for those running the pubs.

These events also led to changes in how people saw the pub and in lifestyle overall, and pubs have had to adapt and move with the times to ensure that they are still able to keep up with what people want and make a living.

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Food is one of the biggest changes in the pub world. Serving food in most pubs used to be limited to chicken in a basket or a packet of nuts at the bar, but nowadays pubs are often a place where people go to enjoy a good meal. With the rise of the gastropub, pubs now tend to rely more on food sales than on drinks alone to enable them to turn a profit.

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Because of this, most pubs now are more of a family affair – rather than going to a restaurant, families can go out to their local pub to enjoy lunch, and that means that children are also catered for.

Making changes like this of course costs money – creating kitchen and dining facilities for example, as well as ensuring that children can be accommodated, but there is help available with this such as finance for pubs providers like this

Although many pubs have not managed to stay afloat throughout these hard times, many have embraced the change and are thriving.

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