Every action in Social Media requires constancy, effort and immediacy

Every action in Social Media requires constancy, effort and immediacy

Social Media has taken the lead of new means of communication between organization and consumer. We witness an incessant growth of organizations that enter the 2.0 world to interact with current and potential clients. No one is indifferent to such a revolutionary element and everyone succumbs to its charms.

Marketing in Social Networks A good start without making excusesTo be in Social Media, it is necessary to establish a strategic plan and define the rules, contents as well as goals or objectives. It is not good for us to open a social profile and launch ourselves into a new dimension if we do not know what is done within it. unacceptable that an organization, offer its reputation, prestige and brand image in return for an infinite number of followers.Tan unacceptable as not knowing your own organization and the needs of adaptation.

All communication or staging in a new platform requires a script, a map and fixed goals, while a continuous control and metrics of the actions performed by the company are needed.

It is true that Social Media will be an essential element to enter the world of the consumers, but to enter well we must have clear ideas and clean minds, it is not worth translating the actions of traditional communication to social profiles, craso error believing that if a thing works to change it. In this world 2.0 we need to adapt to the networks, their functioning as well as their jargon. This requires the recycling of the organization.

Once our script is drawn, we will begin to experience the social turbulence, for which we must respond with naturalness and automated spontaneity.

The aim of all Social Media should be to create a positive synergy between consumer and organization. If we know how to answer all kinds of questions, we will create a new sphere between client and company. Reputation, prestige and notoriety in social networks will be our main value metrics.

Every action in Social Media requires constancy, effort and immediacy, our profile must be born as a bridge between company and consumer in which the relationship must be human, close and above all direct. We will knock down the cold door and invite our follower to know the true value of the organization, for it our message will be bidirectional and our direct deal.

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