Do I Need a Multi Network SIM for Business Travel?

A Multi Network Sim is an international data SIM that allows your phone or device to connect to more than one cellular network. This approach to connectivity is a significant shift from the traditional SIMs we have been used to in our mobile devices.

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Typically, when you insert a regular SIM into your device you are connecting to a single cellular network that may or may not have the signal strength to get you connected. This is why it is important to ensure you have a good quality international data sim when travelling abroad.

The advantage of a global roaming sim is that it can detect all available networks and will connect to the strongest, most reliable network to ensure you have a high-quality connection. It is also possible to find plans that only allow a certain amount of data per day to avoid overage charges. Find out more about a Multi Network Sim by visiting Lister Unified Communications.

You can also set your eSIM in the settings of your phone to determine how it will be used. This includes deciding which SIM will be used for calls, texts and cellular data and what apps can use cellular data. This is a great feature for digital nomads who have separate phones for work and personal calls and texts.

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The beauty of an eSIM is that you can simply buy and install a plan via your app or online without having to navigate the process in a foreign country where there could be a language barrier. It is a much quicker and more efficient way to do things. Additionally, you can also change eSIM providers easily as they are all prepaid with no long term commitment.

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