Company dinners: controlled or unraveling?

Company dinners: controlled or unraveling?

As every year for these Christmas dates, the usual dinners and business meals arrive. eDarling wanted to know what expectations and what intentions Spanish singles have for their corporate Christmas parties. Of the answers obtained, one thing is clear: most want to enjoy the most of the occasion, apparently not caring about the inevitable gossip back in the office.

Company dinners controlled or unravelingThe vast majority of respondents (a surprising 65%) consider dinner and business meals as an opportunity to have fun as never before. They will not go thinking about what they will say, they will not control themselves with the drink and they will limit themselves to having fun and enjoying themselves.

On the contrary, only 5% of respondents intend to drink just enough to be able to remember what happened the next day. Data that shows that the human being is the only animal that always stumbles twice with the same stone, since, according to a study by Monster, 40% of workers have ever regretted their behavior at these business parties. Moreover, 5% say that this has had negative consequences for both their professional career and their reputation.

For 14% of the eDarling users interviewed, these events leave the shame at home and put on the courage to take the step and kiss or at least try to conquer, a work colleague who has been interesting for some time.

And finally, the eternal “anti-Christmas spirit” (10%), those who have no desire to attend these celebrations or especially like Christmas parties.

In short, Christmas dinners are one of the most significant events of the year, expected by some and feared by others. Be that as it may, these meetings become, without a doubt, the “trend topic” of the offices before and, above all, after being held.

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