Advertisers will increase advertising spending on social networks by 20%

Advertisers will increase advertising spending on social networks by 20%

Advertising on social networks continues to attract the attention of advertisers who during this year 2018 have increased their advertising spending and investment online through these channels.

Do companies take advantage of the power of recommendations in social mediaAccording to a recent report developed by eMarketer, in the US, advertisers will spend $ 1.80 billion in media and social networks during this year 2018, representing an increase of 20% in relation to the data from last year 2017 The spending will continue to increase in 2019 surpassing the 2 billion dollars.

During the month of December 2017, forecasts eMarkter estimated that spending on advertising through social media and networks by companies and advertisers for 2018 would be around the 1,300 million dollars, a figure that according to The current data and forecasts have been significantly exceeded.

In this regard, it is worth noting the popularity and importance of some social networks such as Facebook that will account for half of the spending of ads in US social media, while other sites such as MySpace, continue to lose notoriety and importance.

The forecasts on Twitter, which finally embarked on the advertising business giving an important twist to its initial business model, is incorporated for the first time to the forecasts of eMarketer although with a relatively low advertising spend by advertisers during this year 1010, but that could experience a significant increase during the next year 2010.

Globally, advertising spending on social networks will grow in other parts of the world at a much faster pace. Although more than half of the current advertising spending comes from the US, in 2011 this trend could change resulting in a new proportion or distribution of this market.

The report also refers to other aspects such as online games and social applications, which will play an important role in the media and social networks, and which could have a direct impact on the development companies in the face of a growing interest of brands and companies of this type of social resource.

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