Opinions and assessments help companies build their reputation on the network

Opinions and assessments help companies build their reputation on the network

Whether in the form of user comments or content developed within the marketing strategies of companies, American consumers respond well to evaluations of products and services when they are informed in order to make new purchases.

Great Social Media Challenges Empathize with usersA recent study by the company AYTM found that about 80% of the responses show that American consumers trust the evaluations and comments posted on the web, and that the growth of user generated content has become a key element of the content marketing strategies, especially for consumer products companies (B2C).

65% of the answers say they trust “something” in the answers, and 14.8% “a lot”. The negative responses reach 20.3%.

The benefits of creating content related to products and services are numerous. In addition to the possible increase in consumer confidence discussed in the study, incorporating comments and evaluations, as well as other content, help companies build their presence in social media search and marketing.

The development of a content strategy aimed at generating confidence and promoting SEO requires an understanding of the problems and elements that must be taken into account when making the decision in a purchase process.

The high number of consumers who commented relied on the comments and evaluations focused on the type of questions a potential buyer asks in the purchase process, shows that a company can design a more effective content strategy for the optimization of the engines. search by establishing a communication relationship with consumers of their products and services.

In addition, most American consumers would not buy products from brands they do not trust. The opportunity to build that trust is now easier than before thanks to the web and the way in which consumers use it to inform themselves. The company Triton Digital made public last July, a study that showed that more than 61% of consumers, before buying, accessed the web to find information about the products and services of interest. In this way, search engines, social media and web pages become a fundamental step in the investigation and consultation of consumers.

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