Online Marketing is coming out very strongly from the crisis

Online Marketing is coming out very strongly from the crisis

Antonio Sañudo is Head of Marketing and Communication at Infoempleo. He has worked in advertising agencies for brands such as Mini, Springfield or Universal Music and as Head of Interactive and Promotional Marketing at Ecoembes.

7 Skills you should develop to succeed in Social MediaAt what point is Online Marketing in our country?

No doubt at a good time. In there are highly qualified professionals with a lot of experience in the field of Online Marketing and, in general, they are doing things very well. As in everything, there are less professional people who only sell promises but, luckily, without results you can not live for a long time.

Online Marketing is coming out very strongly from the crisis. Limited budgets have forced companies to do something they should have done long ago: look for the return on each euro they invest, measure to the millimeter. Internet allows us to measure results and know in detail the behavior of the user in our website or online store. Measurement and analysis give the Online Marketing professional the possibility of never acting blindly and adapting the campaigns to each user profile, to their behavior.

What role does a director of Online Marketing within a company? And in the specific case of Infoempleo?

It depends a lot on the characteristics and situation of the company but I am of the opinion that there should not be that differentiation between Online Marketing Director and Offline. Companies and professionals must be transmedia, not separate the objectives based on the media or channels, but always see everything from a global perspective. Although it is also true that, nowadays, it is through the different online channels that a large part of the target is reached in a more effective and economic way.

In the case of Infoempleo, my job is basically to bring the company and its products closer to the people … and vice versa. Social Networks are being a key factor for this task since they are allowing us to know at first hand the opinion of the candidates about Infoempleo and the job offers that are published in our portal. This helps us to walk in the right direction.

What do you like most about your job?

I am lucky that I love my work but if I have to keep something, without a doubt, it is with creativity. I try to apply it in practically everything I do, besides, I consider that Marketing depends a lot on it and that makes it something exciting.

The creative part of my work is fundamental to be able to get up every morning with renewed enthusiasm and get beat the damn routine.

What are the keys when developing a Marketing plan? How are offline actions integrated with online ones?

Common sense must prevail. When working on a Marketing Plan I always try to reduce to the simple, to the fundamental. It is important to be clear, concise and, above all, realistic. Developing a Marketing Plan full of impossible or unfeasible ideas can be fun but not very effective.

The analysis phase is usually the one that spends less time but, nevertheless, I think it is crucial to get to define a successful Marketing plan. You have to know the market very well, the situation in your national and / or international environment, the people you are addressing and, very importantly, you should also bother to know your own company thoroughly. Only in this way will you see opportunities where many others will never.

I return to what I said at the beginning of the interview, the integration between online and offline must always be total and the only way to achieve it is to see it as a whole. There is a goal, there is a target and there is a budget. With all that, let’s see what is the best way to get it either online, offline or mix.

What role do social media play in professional recruitment?

There is no doubt that every day they play a more important role but not as much as what we are trying to sell. There is a lot of noise around this and that is why at Infoempleo we decided to carry out the First Report on Social Networks and the Labor Market. The objective was to download from the cloud everything said and written about social networks and employment and try to know a little more about how HR professionals in our country are using them.

The results are clear, Social Networks are not very effective now as a channel for recruiting candidates for a specific position but every day they have more weight and will end up becoming a fundamental source of recruitment. 80% of HR professionals already analyze the online reputation of candidates, so it is very important that people start to realize that their CV does not end on a sheet of paper.

You are a teacher in the 3rd Master of Online Marketing Techniques at KSchool. What do you intend to transmit to students who want to specialize or retrain in the online world?

Internet and New Technologies have brought with them a series of professionals who are in high demand by companies, of the few areas that have not been punished by the wave of unemployment that our country is experiencing.

They have to be clear that this is not an opposition, Online Marketing requires professionals to update almost daily. It is a very changing world and you have to keep up to date with all the news that is emerging: there are many and they happen very fast.

I also recommend that you learn as soon as possible to escape the “smoke” surrounding Online Marketing and focus on what is really relevant. Every week there is something that is “the definitive”, “the most” and that lives on the air for a few months and then fall into the most absolute of forgetfulness.

What advice would you give to those who want to focus their professional future on the Internet?

Something very important and that has helped me a lot is learning to navigate with double optics: the professional but also the user. Everything, absolutely everything you are going to do in your professional career will be focused on the users, on the people. It is important to never lose that point of view when starting any project on the internet.

We must never stop researching and learning, of knowing everything that is being done in terms of web pages, e-commerce, social networks, web analytics, crm, emailing, online creativity, etc …

Is there a market demand for professionals on the Internet?

Thanks to the Internet, new professions have emerged that still “sound like Chinese” for many people but that more and more companies are going crazy to incorporate them into their templates. These profiles are very difficult to find through conventional channels of recruitment and that most HR professionals are unaware of their characteristics.

Web analyst, SEO Specialist, Social Media Strategist, Usability Expert are new positions and crucial for the development of most companies in the short / medium term. Every day, companies depend more on the Internet and, therefore, on these professionals. It is a great moment to be trained in this field.

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