Infographics, a great resource for our content marketing strategy

Infographics, a great resource for our content marketing strategy

The use of infographics within the content strategy of many companies is increasingly widespread. This set of data, mixed with graphics and cute little drawings has been present in our day to day. Such is its degree of popularity, that Google already throws more than 13 million results on the term “inphographic”, a figure that is increasing, since it is estimated that each day grows by 1%. What is the reason for this proliferation? What are the secrets of your success?

ContentThey are very visual

90% of the information that our brain receives is visual, the infographics are a successful combination of data and images; in a purely visual format, so they become a powerful instrument to transmit information. In a single glance, you can clearly expose a multitude of data data.

Transmit original content and quality, the basic premises of content marketing

Infographics usually collect the results of studies, statistical figures on topics of high interest and all kinds of mainly quantitative data. The main issues addressed in this type of support are health, business, politics, environment, technology and culture. You could use them, for example, to expose the balance of your company’s financial results, or the life cycle of your new product and its penetration rate in the market.

They are unique pieces of creativity

The way in which information is presented lavishes design and imagination. It is not limited to typical bar graphs or schematic flow charts, but also includes, almost equally, drawings. Specifically, the weight of the bar graphs usually occupies 32% of the content, while the linear diagrams, in the form of a cake, or based on drawings, account for 25% of the total. Creative typographies of the Sans Serif type are used in 85% of cases, and sometimes even the data itself can be arranged in such a way as to show a figure. Some are true works of art.

They serve as a hook to attract the target audience

It is the ideal hook, which captures from the first glance and allows you to create the need to know more, to delve into the subject in question, and even to know more about the brand that signs it. They are an effective tool to promote the reputation and notoriety of the brand.

They provide the data in a more digestible way

The figures in pure and simple condition have always been somewhat harsh. With this new mode of presentation, its assimilation is greatly facilitated. It is no longer necessary to read a study of gazillion folios if you only want to know two specific facts. Now you do the infographics and, if you want more information, you already have access to the complete study.

They promote virality

Its format makes it very easy to insert them into other websites; just embed a code and voilà, and is an integrated part of the site. In addition they constitute the ideal element to be pineable. Insert your infographics in your pinboards and encourage your users to repin.

They inform and entertain. Both their visual format, as well as the way in which the data are presented, or their ease of assimilation, give the infographics a high pedagogical value.

Easy to do There are simple tools that allow you to obtain very professional results, they are also free. Such is the case of Many Eyes , , Hohli , or Wordle . What are you waiting for to create yours?

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