What makes the Community Manager sleep?

What makes the Community Manager sleep?

You get up tired, you have dark circles, at night you do not sleep well, you wake up often, startled … what’s wrong with you? they are, yes, it has already affected you, the fears of the Community Manager have taken your rest and do not let you rest, but … who exactly are they? They are of varied nature, they can be presented alone or together … you must learn to control them, know how to keep them at bay so that they do not disturb your rest:

5 reason to use a professional web developerFear of not knowing how to propose the right strategy. I will have done well … and if I’m wrong? There is no perfect recipe in social media, but you have to trust your know-how. The process of setting new challenges for the brand, establishing the new horizons to be covered, must be considered as a challenge, not as an obstacle. It is true that an unknown situation always generates insecurity, but thinks it is an opportunity to improve, both professionally and business.

Fear of reputation crises. It is the mother of all evils, if you suffer it you will need an overdose of good strategy to fight it. It may warn you before you arrive, that you see it coming, but sometimes it comes up suddenly, without warning, and you will have to put all your effort into combating its effects. Do not give up, put all the wood in the grill and you will get out triumphant of it.

Fear of the Trolls. Those harmful evil beings whose only objective is to annoy, have no reason to be, only devote themselves to doing evil. To defeat them it is best not to feed their anger, to let them die of insidiousness . Everything can come with the appearance on the scene of certain negative criticism, which a priori should not be unduly worrisome, but you have to take care to address them, since otherwise it can degenerate into a real avalanche of derogatory comments, which would aggravate considerably the situation, causing even the appearance of the dreaded trolls.

Fear of not being able to increase the notoriety of the brand. In spite of doing a good management of social networks, there is the possibility that your brand continues without being recognized in the sector, does not enjoy the expected notoriety. If your campaign in social networks goes unnoticed, you check that it has no influence, you should consider carrying out more aggressive actions, which may cause a greater impact in the community.

Definitely, there is no antidote to overcome these situations of uncertainty, the main basis to be successful resides in a good approach to social media strategy, which has to adjust to the intrinsic characteristics of the brand and establish real, tangible objectives . Whenever necessary, rethink this strategy and broaden your horizons, above all be flexible and adapt to changes, demonstrate a special sensitivity to anticipate trends and anticipate; remember that the key to success is paling, knowing how to play with different options, surprise and innovate. Which are your fears? How do you manage to overcome them?

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