What are the benefits of Branded Content?

What are the benefits of Branded Content?

The digital business school Foxize School, sponsored by online content distributor ADman Media, has organized two debates in Madrid and Barcelona on Branded Content to discuss the definition, objectives and future of this popular Marketing technique. 

In the post-interruption era, when a large proportion of advertising formats have lost the attention and interest of the public, brands try to find new ways to (re) connect with the customer. But what should you expect from Branded Content?

What are the benefits of Branded ContentAccording to Juan Ignacio León y Castillo, expert in Branded Content and founder of Onbrandcontent: “The first thing is that there is a commitment on the part of the customer. If there is no commitment, the Branded Content is not profitable. “ Here lies one of the current problems, also manifested by Pere Quintana, Brand Digital Manager of Desigual: “The main problem is that customers know what we want.”

However, even if you know what you want, according to Javier Regueira, author of the blog ‘No content, no brand’: “There is no study that scientifically demonstrates that advertising is directly related to increased sales.” So how do you expect Branded Content?

According to César Vargas, Marketing Director of Schweppes, it is clear what premium and what should be the function of this technique: “Fidelity, since brand loyalty is worth much more than a short-term advertising campaign,” said the past. Wednesday. To achieve this goal, Marc Ros, CEO of the production company Aftershare.tv, stated that: “Branded Content has to interest people, because it is the reason why people want the brand to exist, but first it has to Have a very clear idea of the business and of the territories that this business occupies “.

Another issue that occupied both debates was the future and the trend of Branded Content. Àlex Marquina, Director of Digital Content for TV3, launched several questions that prompted reflection: “Why is Branded Content so closely associated with entertainment? Why not to other topics? “For Marc Ros, the future is clear:” Brands will eventually become publishers and producers of content, “and some of them” will end up receiving benefits from the sale of this content. “

Collaborative document “Branded Content”

In parallel to the discussions, Foxize School has created a collaborative document about Branded Content with the reflections of more than 30 experts and executives of advertising agencies, producers, brands and media. Some of the participants are Luis Gallardo, Senior Strategist at Burson-Marsteller (New York); Ignacio Sala, Director of Marketing at Atrapalo.com Andrés Toledo, CEO of Puro Marketing.

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