We can not include a QR code in all campaigns simply because it is fashionable

We can not include a QR code in all campaigns simply because it is fashionable

For some time we have been discussing the uncertain future of QR codes. For some it is just another technology that redirects to a website and will not survive in this world of unstoppable innovation. For others, if used properly, QR codes have their place and it is our mission as an agency to take advantage of it. That’s why we sit down to think.

Do mobile users really use QR codesAs a starting point, some data. According to Comscore’s Mobile Future in Focus, only 11.9% of smartphone users use QR codes.

In other European countries, such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom, the percentage of use is higher. On the other hand, only 51% of mobile phones in are smartphones. Therefore, it seems evident that there is a potential for growth in terms of the penetration of smartphones and the use of QR codes. In fact, according to the latest IAB Digital Communication Study, 21% of agencies already invest in QR codes.

QR codes allow, for example, activate a software download, direct a site, provide information, activate a phone call … The key to its success is mainly in the innate curiosity of the human being who will want to know what is hidden behind the small encrypted square.

So where is the problem? Mainly in its misuse, which causes frustration in the user and kills this curiosity for future occasions. A common mistake is to place the QR in a place without a network, for example, a subway station without Wi-Fi or 3G. That QR code can never be read.

Another reason that can lead to failure in the use of QR codes is saturation. Are trendy. And the way to fight against this is to be creative and, above all, to add value to the user, in order to stand out.

What seems clear is that we can not include QR codes in all campaigns simply because it is fashionable. The QR must be included within a strategy and pursue specific objectives.

Use Madinaveitia, director of Brand Communities of the agency 101, specializing in digital marketing, offers us a small decalogue of action for its proper use:

  1. Adapts the destination site to the mobile
  2. Provide different content and value for the user
  3. Facilitates the user’s life
  4. Place the code in a visible and well-known place
  5. Make sure there is Internet access where you place the QR
  6. Make sure you have time to run the scanning application
  7. Includes an alternative and short URL
  8. Includes a clear call to action
  9. Do not include more than one QR code per campaign
  10. Includes the QR code within a strategy to achieve a specific goal. QRs are a tactical element, not a strategic one.

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