We are prepared to make decisions in real time?

We are prepared to make decisions in real time?

Way to the among crowds of people. Soon a woman comes to me offering me a leaflet with a message about a center of waxing and a man-announcement makes clear its offer to buy gold turned into shirt. I hear the sound of the last song of DJ fashion, using a mobile operator to announce its new offering. Soon the aroma of coffee and the huge queue to qualify for a “frozen yogurt with fruit” get my attention and makes me reflect on the amount of intrusive marketing around us and how all those messages only seek audiences interested.

Are intrusive messages that invade us on our walks, to reach our couch while watching TV and we see in our mobile when accessing the latest information. Messages seeking only interested in the messages themselves.

We are prepared to make decisions in real timeBut what if does the GPS of our mobile, sensing my position, the latest reviews and notes in my diary about my favorite restaurants, I propose offers of similar restaurants nearby, to the time that should be starting to feel hungry and, in addition, with my permission, some of these restaurants could detect my presence nearby, to offer personalized real-time offers?

And what if the GPS of my car, combining the temperature, my medical history and the area in which I find, access check pollen levels in the area and I recommended to buy medicine for what will be a difficult day for my allergy?

This is the new world of real-time marketing, personal marketing really unique for each client, at all times. My marketing, my ad. I came not irrelevant ads, at least not through my device (mobile, car, Tablet, …).

It sounds futuristic, but the fact is that in the UK, mobile competing suppliers have joined forces to create a mobile commerce platform, with customized ads that make traditional customer segmentation will become obsolete.

Companies, thanks to this new marketing will know what to offer, when the offer is relevant and how to make the offer is real and how much.

Are we prepared for the world in real time? Beyond, to decide on that information?

In such a dynamic, fast-paced and mobile as the environment we live in, it seems very difficult to answer this question. We have entered an era of great complexity, where citizens interact in an intelligent and segmented system, and in which the experiences beyond the nearest field.

All this interaction generates daily an enormous amount of information that is not processed or is ordered. In fact, we are true production machines data: it is estimated that 90% of the current data has been generated in the last two years, and the total, only 10% has been structured with a purpose. Every day data are created in the equivalent of 43 million movies in HD or Blu-ray quality. It is evident that we are facing the new asset of the XXI century … such a colossal amount of information is a source of knowledge not only of what happened but of what is to come.

The challenge that companies face is to be able to extract intelligence from this information. The data are not only figures, but contain opinions, experiences, feelings and expectations of real people.

The explosion of mobile devices has helped to open a window to the world and to exchange experiences and needs in real time. Social networks and other tools such as geolocation options have multiplied learn more about the user, customer and predict consumer behavior.

The, hand advanced data analysis and visualization, technology seeks to optimize processes, reduce time spent on detection and investigation and predict the future. It allows you to quickly react to different scenarios, infinitely alterable, to make the best decisions, the right decisions in real time.

The immediate future of companies passes to use this information to locate, identify and customize the treatment that every consumer must receive depending on your tastes, abilities and customs. And in real time, displaying a truly personal marketing, unique for each client, at all times.Companies must be able to anticipate demand and ensure that their products and services are available when your customers demand it.

Our stakeholders increasingly choose less timeframe. We are obliged to create relationships that provide useful, personalized information at the right time. The expectations that have been created around mobile devices do not support errors, because the consequences can be irreversible.

In short, organizations, institutions and companies have to order and structure the information they have to offer products and services tailored to the needs of citizens and consumers in real time services.

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