The time has come to begin to ‘serve’ the customer. Sell ​​Confidence and Credibility

The time has come to begin to ‘serve’ the customer. Sell ​​Confidence and Credibility

What is happening in relation to the new consumer is not surprising. Or is it not true that, for decades, the productive model was based on speculative goods that were accessed by a credit blow and for which no effort was made? (nor was any responsibility acquired either)

Is not it also true that this facility, individualism, symbols of power and lack of commitment, led to a terrible customer service that beyond the company imposed itself as a way of life?

The social media have become very powerful tools in establishing links with the new consumer. The slogan seems clear: the consumer buys brand confidence. However, it is not a minor issue that “deliver before receiving” remains one of the great challenges for brands.

We have to accept that the change has already taken place. It is necessary to be aware that today, the consumer only shows a need to consolidate links through trust and credibility. Companies that achieve this type of relationship with their customers will see their sales increase as a causal consequence.

The time has come to begin to 'serve' the customer. Sell Confidence and CredibilityCustomers look for solutiones

The current consumer is integrated into a universe of prosumers and brandishing the same flag of joint benefit derived from the brand-client relationship, lay the foundations of their demands.

If by force derived from union and interaction, we add the critical and adverse scenario through which global stability transits, it is not surprising that the clients’ objectives change and with them, the parameters on which they measure the confidence of brands, this being the prime variable that supports any relationship.

Customers buy trust

How are relationships established? In all types of relationships there are transactions and, although it is a little confusing to talk about emotional transactions, it is a quality that customers only spend money if they feel confident.

The interests have changed, the consumption habits have changed, the reality has changed and the way to provide an efficient service has changed.

The time has come to apply humility and begin to “serve” the client.

This does not mean that brands should be put on the carpet for everything that the consumer can demand, on the contrary, it means that, within business plans, identify the customer and make it the essence of our brand, has been transformed in indispensable.

The slogan “put yourself in the place of the other” is imposed

There is no doubt that we seek efficiency through union and, no one will doubt that emotional relationships are highly demanding in terms of reciprocal application of values. Putting oneself in the other’s place is highly efficient in a productive model made up of prosumers in search of new opportunities.

Stop selling, it’s time to serve

Freeing the term to serve its negative connotation and taking it as synonymous with “commitment” we can say that social networks have been transformed into platforms that help us “be people”.

Brands must be able to establish links based on trust, but this is only built by fulfilling commitments, doing things well and helping the other to identify opportunities.

Hence, the recommendation to put aside the ego, focus on the search for the identification of the individual that is each of our followers, give them the answers that help them identify their own way of becoming producers, fulfilling the commitments and working hard, the customer will perceive a good “customer service” and will buy the trust.

Stop selling your products, you need to be passionate to stop looking at the “me” and place yourself in the other, today, you have to sell “service”.

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