The keys to being resilient, according to publicist Stanley Bendelac

The keys to being resilient, according to publicist Stanley Bendelac

The author, Stanley Bendelac, veteran and prestigious publicist, through his latest publication entitled ‘The Important is not how you fall but how you get up’, tells the keys to overcome the professional and personal falls; to be resilient and overcome any adversity in life. He does it in a pleasant and practical way, through his own experience in the competitive world of Advertising where he worked for more than 35 years.

The keys to being resilient, according to publicist Stanley BendelacThe keys to being resilient, according to Stanley Bendelac:

1. Invest in your image and your reputation. The image and reputation of a person are like those of a brand. They are built with consistency. Do what you say and say what you do. Be consistent and authentic.

2. Make your self-esteem always at a high level. The esteem, respect, love, friendship that a person is able to awaken around them is a powerful generator of self-esteem.

3. Humility in your approaches will always help you. Self-sufficiency and arrogance will always hurt you. Humility is a great facilitator. Destroy obstacles in an amazing way, and that’s what it is, that getting up is as easy as possible.

4. Let generosity be part of your scale of values. Help as many as you can and as many as you can.

5. Your mind can be more creative than you think. Trust creativity and your intuition.

6. Do not let procrastination be a stable element in your modus vivendi. Procrastination, the fact that it consists in leaving for tomorrow tasks that you should do today, is a negative factor in your life.

7. Love your people. Have affection for the people who work with you, for your clients and your suppliers. Transmit empathy. The day they come to you badly given, you will find in them levers of help.

8. Do not forget the importance of humor.

“The Important thing is not how you fall but how you get up”

His experience in the first person is a generous text and very useful for anyone, especially in times of crisis like today. Stanley Bendelac recovers funny and dramatic anecdotes that illustrate the “traps in which we tend to fall” and the “levers” that we must use to get out and be resilient. The graphic design of the book has been the work of the prestigious artist Mario Eskenazi.

Dr. Luis Rojas Marcos, author of the prologue, invites reading by stating that “Stanley Bendelac presents suggestive personal examples and useful answers to many of the questions we ask ourselves in unfavorable situations.”

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