The Importance of Sharing and Talking in Social Media

The Importance of Sharing and Talking in Social Media

A few weeks ago, conversing with a couple of colleagues very much appreciated about the pillars of social networks, one of them commented that almost all who “inhabit” this side of the digital world, we understand that sharing and conversing are key verbs.

And it’s true: almost all of us who live on this side, those who are related to the subject, who we know about the operation of social networks, we do understand that sharing and talking are the key. But if that’s so, Why are there still so many companies that do not understand how to make the most of their presence in social networks?

The Importance of Sharing and Talking in Social MediaWhy do many still think that this is a child’s play and nothing less?

We must cross the barrier and that this fact is known to all

It is easy for those of us involved in this issue, we have received specific training or that has been our professional environment for some time, understand why it’s important conversation and interaction, and What does all this mean in a marketing strategy and the achievement of certain and certain objectives within a plan.

But not many of the people who open their businesses today, Or even many of the life-time business owners and people who today hold positions of influence, lack specific training in these subjects, do not see it in the same way and, in many cases, only have the experience that has Provided the management of their own businesses.

For them, talking about ROI, interaction, communication, target, added value, unique proposal of sale, social networks, facebook, twitter, instagram, and so many other terms, for us family, is little more than unintelligible, which is why They remain “on the other side”, incredulous, hesitant, not daring to take the first steps.

It is they who must understand why it is important to share and converse

. As we can make more business owners and people in decision-making positions, Are aware of this new reality and the way in which the rules of the game have changed on these platforms, we will be putting our grain of sand so that social networks reach their full potential and are valued in their right measure, both they and channels of Communication, as ourselves, professionals that offer our services in this area.

It is they, “those on the other side”, who must actively participate in this dynamic and productive process, which in many parts of the world is already generating positive results, sales increases and stronger relationships among Customers and the companies that use them.

Strengthening the relationship with the customer through the conversation

It is impressive the scope that can be had through the correct use of social platforms as tools within comprehensive marketing plans.

Inviting companies to share openly, honestly and transparently with their respective audiences, we get to generate very interesting and nutritious conversations, in which the company can get to know, in a certain way and close, who its client is and how More effectively.

All of this promotes the development of stronger relationships with the customer, with the corresponding positive impact on the volume of the business.

That is why we must promote, in simple language and that can be understood by all, This new way of relating to the different audiences present in the market.

I propose an idea: That the conversation and sharing will involve us all, in a real 2.0 environment, that has no borders or limits for anyone.

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