The drop in advertising will be much worse than expected

The drop in advertising will be much worse than expected

According to the predictions of ZenithOptimedia, the forecasts of the advertising sector point out that the fall in advertising will be much worse than expected.

According to the information published by the newspaper expansion, ”┬áThe fall in advertising will be much worse than expected, as assured by a major advertising agency in media, which on Tuesday will reveal the worst forecasts to date for the market advertising and traditional media companies. “

The Importance of SEO for Inbound MarketingAccording to the predictions of ZenithOptimedia, the Publicis media advertising purchase unit, the advertising sector’s business figures could fall worldwide by up to 6.9%, which would reduce worldwide advertising spending to 453,000 millions of dollars.

The data of this new forecast considerably surpasses the predictions previously published by the Group M (WPP) that placed this fall around 4.4% or 5.8% estimated by Carat (Aegis).

These data accentuate and confirm the current moment of uncertainty and crisis that the advertising sector is going through, where, as is already known, the sector of the print media will experience the greatest drop in advertising revenues of more than 12%.

Despite this, the Internet medium will continue to increase its market share and its overall advertising spending above 12% and television will make up its fall (5.5%) as a result of the reduction of its prices and the increase of its audience in times of crisis.

Through the Financial Times Jonathan Barnard, responsible for publications of ZenithOptimedia explained, as in recent months the crisis has spread to emerging markets so that many of these for which a modest growth was expected to suffer a substantial decline.

The advertising market will take time to recover as forecasts estimate that it will be in 2010 when a modest growth and recovery of the advertising sector begins to be experienced.

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