The 4 cornerstones of the content marketing strategy

The 4 cornerstones of the content marketing strategy

Content is the cornerstone of any Social Media strategy. It is what gives your actions of their own personality, character and, ultimately, reason of being. When it comes to developing your online presence, you may have wondered what is my business or special company? What can we say to really interest our audience? Why are they going to listen or give us more attention and interest?

ContentAs a fundamental aspect, the main thing is that our strategy is “REAL”. But to achieve our goal without disorienting ourselves on the path to our purpose, what better than knowing and having as a reference the four cornerstones of any content marketing strategy.

Relevance.  Create only quality content that captures the attention of the recipient. Users are actively seeking information about products that interest them. Work to position yourself as a reference source:

  • Study the trends, to be able to know what the themes of the moment, and adapt them to your message.
  • Go beyond, think about how you can improve the presentation of your content, to make it more appealing.
  • Do not settle for less. Your content should not only be good, but extraordinary.
  • Try different content formats. You do not have to focus on the text, experiment with the power of the image in motion, creating for example a videoblog.
  • Pay attention to the spread of your message. If your actions do not get enough impact, your efforts are not worth it. Plan a content strategy that allows you to be in the right moment, with the right message.

Engagement. Your content must be able to empathize with your users, in such a way that inspires in them a sense of belonging to the brand, and encourages their participation.

  • Develop content with which you feel identified, that you get inside, and want to make it yours. In this way you will not need to be encouraged to share it, you will not be able to resist the temptation to do so.
  • Invite your audience to participate with your contributions, for example by organizing photo contests, or mini-stories on Twitter. This type of actions makes the users involved and facilitates virality.

Audience. Design actions specially designed for your target audience, tailored to your tastes and preferences:

  • Your interests are yours. Talk about what interests you, using your language. Become one more and make them feel heard and integrated into the community.
  • Take care of your requests. Answer them always, and act accordingly. Develop content oriented to solve your doubts, or on that subject that interests you most. Adapt to them and react accordingly.
  • Give them always more than they expect. Surprise them day by day. Keep alive your interest by creating new actions, thank your loyalty with promotional actions and, ultimately, reinvéntate constantly.

Playful Users prefer to consume leisure and entertainment content, apply the story.

  • Create fun videos. The same message can be transmitted in different ways, why not adopt an informal stance, or tell the same, but in a fun way? You can count on entertainment professionals, or humor, to illustrate your content. Augmented reality can also help you a lot.
  • Design actions based on advergaming. They are the ideal excuse to get users to interact with your brand.

In summary, when planning a content strategy, it is necessary to be REAL, that is, Relevant for users, to promote Engagement, adapted to the Audience and with a high Lúdico component. If these requirements are met, you’ll get a REAL effective strategy.

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