Technology at the service of optimizing customer service

Technology at the service of optimizing customer service

In a recent study, the Center for Retail Research notes that in 2011 online spending will grow by 19% to reach almost 10,000 million euros and that, even with the current economic climate, e-commerce sales represent one of the markets with greater growth.

Technology at the service of optimizing customer serviceIn addition, other studies conducted in recent months by ATG, specialist in electronic commerce, highlight the importance of online stores implanting personalization platforms to maximize the profitability of their websites, increase conversions and reduce customer abandonment. In those studies, users complained about issues such as the low customer service they receive when they make online purchases; the difficulties they encounter when it comes to contacting sellers; or the difficulty to complete the orders which in many cases generates in the user a feeling of frustration that causes it to end up abandoning the purchase.

Given that electronic commerce is becoming an essential sales tool and that more and more people are looking for online attention, it is essential that the customer has all the facilities at the time of purchase so that he does not abandon it. The technology for companies to personalize each customer’s experience is now available and relatively easy to integrate into existing Web sites.

Experts recommend companies that trade online to use personalization platforms, which facilitate offering a personalized and accessible service. In this way, companies that trade online can offer their customers the most suitable options for them at the moment they connect, and ultimately increase conversions and reduce abandonment.

Companies can also add optimization services to the platform, which can be easily added to any website, to implement an integrated and integrable solution with other existing modules in the company, both for sales and service.

More than ever, brands are interested in targeting new markets and attracting consumers through multiple channels, but this can not be done at the expense of consumer service. Offering better levels of service can be achieved by implementing tools that offer online shoppers the opportunity to receive real-time assistance via telephone or instant messaging during the purchase process. Users are highlighting the difficulties they encounter in accessing vendors, and this frustration can be easily avoided through the deployment of this type of customized technology.

Forrester Research also recently noted in its study “Using Digital Channels To Create Breakthrough Multichannel Relationships” the importance of interactive support services, such as click-to-call and click-to-chat. The companies that trade online and that already use these services claim that it supposes an increase of the degree of satisfaction of their clients, since they are with a professional, fast and free support to solve their difficulties at the moment in which they need it, with a qualified agent that helps them and solves their doubts or incidents. This help allows companies to maximize the income and benefits of each potential customer that enters their Web.

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