Success in Social Media is not a question of size, but of knowing how to highlight

Success in Social Media is not a question of size, but of knowing how to highlight

Success in Social Media is not a question of size, but of originality, of knowing how to stand out. The fact that a company has a big budget does not mean that its message has a wide reach. On the other hand, a simple and ingenious idea can achieve great repercussion.

Success in Social Media is not a question of size, but of knowing how to highlightHow can small businesses make a dent in the middle 2.0?

Necessity sharpens the wit. With a limited budget, an overdose of imagination, and strategic planning, must be used in order to optimize available resources. For this purpose it is important to set out a clearly defined objective, which is measurable and objectively achievable; As well as focus your strategy on getting it:

Choose the right platform

Do not try to be on all social networks. Analyze the characteristics of each of them, determine their pros and cons and choose those in which your audience is that best fit your goal. Do not look for a large audience, but a group that is really interested in your product or service.

Once you have chosen the stage, fill it with a great decoration, based on quality content, presented in a different way, stand out for being different and able to attract attention and retain your audience.

Create community

Try to reach your customers through common interests. Create an environment where they feel at ease, understood, and identified according to common interests. Encourage interaction, put in place all kinds of actions that motivate them to participate, as is the case of surveys, contests of ideas. A good way to get answers is to encourage them with some kind of reward or reward.

You can even invite experts in the field to participate, enriching your encounters with the point of view of a professional. In this way your actions will gain in repercussion, which will translate into confidence for the brand.

Depending on your activity, you can also use LinkedIn groups or Google communities. They are interesting places to meet and make their way.

Always have a crisis plan on hand

Social networks have two sides. A public exposure may result in users taking advantage of the opportunity to transmit their discomfort towards the brand, or criticize harshly any subject related to it. Therefore, it is always necessary to act honestly, taking care of the messages that are transmitted, as well as the tone of communication and be prepared for the worst. You need to have an action plan that includes instructions and advice on how to act in case of the untimely appearance of a negative comment or an attack on the reputation of the brand.

How do you manage to excel in social networks?

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