Street Marketing and Field Marketing: Booming strategies

Street Marketing and Field Marketing: Booming strategies

At present, there are multiple factors that induce creative and professional marketing departments to look for alternatives to traditional strategies. Advertising saturation and the effects of the crisis have served to stop to think and analyze the real needs of advertisers with the aim of improving results, adjusting investments and budgets for their advertising actions.

The benefits of social media in the internal communication of companiesThis urgent need that is accentuated in times of crisis, has driven marketing trends and strategies that until recently for many were almost unknown. Some of them are not even contemplated and others have always remained as alternative options that now begin to position themselves as ideal and priority solutions to fight against difficult times where the state of the economy requires maximizing and optimizing our resources and efforts.

In times of crisis, companies maintain a common denominator. Loyalty your customers and try to at least maintain your sales pace. This implies that for this, companies and brands must accept that marketing strategies and traditional advertising actions may be insufficient to achieve their objectives.

“Reach the customer.” This is undoubtedly one of the most important keys. Companies have realized that sometimes it is not enough to wait for the consumer. You have to go look for it with innovative actions and creativity, by launching original and attractive campaigns that generate greater attention or impact. This is when Marketing goes out on the street.

Street Marketing and Field Marketing have become one of the fastest growing communicative disciplines, since through these strategies mental and emotional relationships with the clients themselves are broadened and increased.

Both disciplines maintain a common denominator: to capture the attention of the public about the product, which is not always easy considering other aspects and conditions at the time of purchase: haste, a multitude of products, overwhelm at times of saturation, etc. ..

Through this type of actions, brands and companies comply with the objective of offering information to the public to support any new product or launch as an advertising reminder or to announce special offers of a promotional type generating expectation and a claim addressed to potential customers.

In this aspect, Street Marketing is based on creativity and taking advantage of the elements of the environment and Field Marketing uses or alters them to turn the point of sale into a stage that encourages meeting with passers-by and consumers. In both cases there is a purpose for the search of the emotional and the intention to create and generate a connection between people and brands through a multitude of proposals with a high creative component and innovation.

In our country, some specialized companies have helped to encourage and promote the implementation and development of this type of discipline. Some of them, such as Aplus Filed Marketing  with clients such as Adidas, Ferrai, Calvin Klein, Oracle or Fox, are proof that through this type of actions we can obtain great results outside of traditional media and strategies. All this without forgetting that both Street Marketing and Field Marketing can be combined to support the rest of our actions and strategies with the difference and virtue that through these, we will get closer and maintain a link and a closer relationship with our potential consumers and customers.

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