Social Media is like a double-edged sword if you do not know how to manage properly

Social Media is like a double-edged sword if you do not know how to manage properly

At present there is a boom of social profiles of companies or organizations in the digital world. Most of them move their traditional business to new communication formats and their presentation flag is not adequate.

Social Media and the wisdom of the new SOLOMO KingPlaying in the social world, has negative repercussions on the image of the brand, as well as on the perception of an organization. The value of brand that is built from a Marketing Department should not be torn down like a tower of cards and it is promoted from the different business areas offering innovative and quality products.

To move our business to social networks, a premise must be clear, being in Social Media does not imply greater ROI, it is a tool that allows us to establish a direct contact with the consumer and that will allow us to improve day by day through the continuous interaction with the same.

It is true that when entering the 2.0 world the brand notoriety is increased due to the recommendations, mentions and the messages launched by the company through the platforms, but for this reason it should not be thought that there is an increase of the sales or growth in market share.

For the traditional company to be part of the social networks is a novelty that should be treated with great care since in our keyboard and on the screens of the followers we put in liza our image and the values of the organization, that is why it is due perfectly adapt the communication policy and customer service.

Being in Social Media is a double-edged sword if you do not know how to manage the messages that are sent, the flow and level of interaction with the current or potential client is high, which can not leave the task in the hands of a perfect unknown. We play the credibility of a company, therefore we should not throw ourselves into the “fashion” social if we are not prepared.

Moving the traditional schemes to the world 2.0, is a serious mistake since it breaks the rules of the game, since it is the consumers who bring you to the fore, and the messages that are given in the middle are bidirectional. Social action should not be equated with an advertisement launched on TV, radio or the press because there is no immediate interaction between business and consumer.

If you are a traditional business and want to be part of the “Social Tsunami” you must follow three steps: readaptation, recycling and learning. Remember that the experience that you share in Social Media will build step by step and that the goal of living in this digital world is not to increase ROI, is to increase the value to your company through continuous interaction.

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