Investment in talent, key to content marketing

Investment in talent, key to content marketing

Given the current boom in content marketing as a key piece to attract customers / users, it is essential to know how to recognize talent wherever there is.

Content marketing has proven its value in bringing benefits to the overall marketing strategy, so it is not a discipline to be taken lightly. In order for a content to be able to succeed, a series of requirements must be given, although not always together: quality, novelty, originality and utility. And to achieve this requires a double investment, both monetary and talent.

Investment in talent, key to content marketingIt is therefore important to highlight the need to invest in talent to ensure the success of our content marketing campaign.

When we decide to launch into content production to enhance our business, we must clearly establish an editorial line that serves to ensure the success of our strategy. This editorial line will mark a series of milestones that must be fixed before beginning any type of production:

  1. Target audience to which the content will be destined (they do not have to be the clients; it will condition the following points)
  2. Theme (s)
  3. Formats to be used (articles, videos, infographics, ebooks, etc.)
  4. Platforms (blog, YouTube, websites, etc)
  5. Channels of diffusion (social networks, forums, email, etc.)
  6. Systems monitoring and analytics

Once these points are established, we can begin to plan the elaboration of contents, always according to the editorial calendar.

And this is where the time comes to know how to recognize talent and use it to benefit our strategy.

Why is talent in content marketing important?


Writing is not easy. It requires time, inspiration, order and, very important, correction. For this reason, it is not so easy to start writing articles. Many of those who do it for the first time encounter the fateful situation of ‘fear of the blank sheet’.

But it’s not just about starting to write, but about how to do it. It is necessary to recognize the style required by the web, a style that captures the attention of the users, who from the first moment causes them to want to read more and when they finish say: ‘What a good article! It was worth it’.

When writing is about, we must find someone who has a facility for writing, who has a capacity for conciseness and, above all, who knows how to create a brand voice that is unique and original. Does not it seem so easy anymore?

The talent for writing plays a key role here. That is why if we think of hiring someone to produce our articles, whether in template or external, this person should be able to provide references to previous work so that we can assess their suitability. It is our obligation to demand a portfolio of published articles.


An infographic requires a series of characteristics to be effective: visual appeal, informative value, suitable dimensions, etc. Again, the talent for making them is once again key.

It is not the same to make a simple infographic that to design a piece of extraordinary content. A simple designer is not the same as a design artist.

The person in charge of making the infographics should be able to synthesize the information that is brought to him and represent it in the most attractive way possible so that the users feel that they are before content that contributes value and that is worth sharing with the others.


Any of us can make a video; Just take out the mobile and start recording. But between that and a corporate video about a product, an explanatory video about some functionality or an instructional video about … whatever, there is a big difference.

The person in charge of producing and performing the video must know how to handle concepts such as optimal duration, lighting, sound quality, etc. Or in the case of being an animated video, also possess the mastery of designing quality illustrations.

In short, if we want our content to be pieces that users truly love, we must put all our efforts into having  quality,  novelty,  originality  and  utility. And for this we must seek the professionals who best know how to develop our projects. It is not about having a title (forget about titulitis), but about having  the talent to know how to do things well.

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