Customer loyalty is not earned with the first purchase

Customer loyalty is not earned with the first purchase

Consumers who register to receive offers in their mail, end up buying; This is what the research carried out by Chadwick Martin Bailey tells us. This purchase action has another added value: it can also generate new purchases. Your customers like to brag about the products they buy, especially if they have been acquired through an interesting offer. You must know how to take advantage of this revealing data; to do so, create actions aimed at increasing the number of your subscribers, such as special discounts for new registrations, raffles or even direct gifts.

Social media can not be left in the hands of someone who is not well educated or knows the companyIt will also be useful to know, for example, that women are particularly sensitive to the suggestions they receive from their immediate surroundings.Design promotions for products whose buyer is mainly the female audience.

In short distances, the best battles are won.

In this section, small-scale commerce plays an advantage over large stores. Proximity and close treatment are a vote in favor for a third of consumers.Create links with your customers, use social networks as effective communication channels, and, of course, promptly launch a newsletter with new and fresh offers every day. So you can keep them informed and surprise your contacts with interesting promotions directly in your mailbox. Reinforce the action of sharing your newsletters, including a button that takes your recipients to execute this action; More than twice as many users prefer to share offers via email rather than on their social networks.

Loyalty is not earned with the first purchase

According to 60% of respondents, a positive experience is not synonymous with absolute fidelity. The client needs more reasons to trust the brand, receive some kind of attention, feel that in some way it is important for the company where he has bought. What better time than the delivery of the product to reconnect with the customer, thank him for his purchase and, why not, offer him a favorable treatment, translated into some advantage perceived by the user as such. The reality shows that the vast majority of companies miss this golden opportunity to connect with the customer.It is the most critical moment, when the approach is more favorable: the customer has already bought, has just enjoyed his shopping experience and is satisfied with it; will speak in favor of the company and is open to welcome that interesting proposal from the company.

Definitely, users actively seek and take advantage of promotions; and then recommend them in their environment. Mainly, those of small businesses, who are closer to them, are more popular; They feel they have them at hand. Do you make promotions for your business? what does it consist on?

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