Content as the center of online strategy

Content as the center of online strategy

Today, “content development” must be at the heart of any online strategy, because of the way information is sought, decision-making and consumer problems solved.

“Content is king” is not a fashion, it is not the new wave of marketing, it is the reality of the web world, whether we like it or not. And the importance of this lies in that people are becoming more adept at finding information on products, services, companies, individuals, projects, etc. Simply using your favorite search engine.

Content as the center of online strategyIn the consumer it is where the importance of being present as brands is found, in internet searches, we have to produce “content” of value that solves doubts, offers alternatives and in general gives the consumer what “they” need from the web.

If you really want to be present and make online marketing a strategy that produces results, you must commit to building content as the center of your strategy. But beware!! It’s not about generating content for the crazy ones !! It is about developing the content that the consumer “needs” and “is looking for”, but also content that brings it closer to our products and / or services.

Therefore I recommend that you write from two perspectives: Content to “educate” about your business and content that builds “trust”.

Content that Educa

“Teach him to fish the client and he will even ask you to help him fish but with more confidence and gratitude”

Help your market understand what you do, why you do it and how. Being generous, open and sharing what you know will bring you greater value, references and reputation than jealously guarding the secrets of your experience.

“Many times they do not buy you because they do not know what you’re good for. Show the customer who you are, what you think and why your business is their solution.”

In the same way explaining in detail what you do or what your product does will help people to be safer to want to consume it.

This is why I recommend that part of your content strategy is aimed at sharing your experience and knowledge about your business, product or service. Here are some ideas on how to do it:

  • Seminars. Today, people are looking for quick, simple and practical information to help them find what they are looking for. Conferences, Webinars, Seminars, Courses, both off and online are a great tool to educate the market and generate engagement.
  • Tell Your Story. Every business should have a document that explains its history, not monotonously or corporately, those stories no one reads, I mean a well described account of the challenges, challenges and actions that led them to overcome them. From your story you can learn the market what kind of person or brand you are.
  • Frequent questions. There are people who need to know specific details of your company or the product you provide, and I repeat again no matter the size or turn of your SME this section is very valuable in your web strategy.
  • Success stories. Build powerful examples of current customers, describe their challenges and how you contributed to achieving results. These cases help people learn about your business, products or services. Have your prospect riddled with them !!

Content that Generates Trust

“We do business with people, not companies” One of my oft – repeated phrases, which try to explain that nobody buys from someone you do not trust. Trust is the basis of any business relationship.

Selling or promoting via online represents the challenge of how to gain the trust of thousands of people who do not know me, have never seen me and maybe have not even heard of me before.

  • Blog. Build content and amplify it. “Search engines” love fresh and systematic content. It is also a very natural and valuable way to generate the confidence of your market, by what you write they can know your level of experience, your vision and your way of working.
  • Social media. It analyzes the networks in which the market is, generates a plan and begins to work on them. Also take into account to register in other communities that go to your market and that enjoy of high reputation: magazines, groups, forums, hashtags, etc. The strategy in social media is to generate “Connection” and to develop “attraction” strategies.
  • Comments (Reviews). Participate in the game of recommendations like TripAdvisor, Yelp and Foursquare. Discuss in professional forums, really participate in groups within Linkedin. Visit recognized Blogs and leave your comments. Although it is difficult to track it accurately, you are generating reputation along the networks, as well as building communities.
  • Testimonials. Depending on your business and type of clients you can make them in text, video or audio format. This content contributes a lot to the trust of your brand.

All these elements should be incorporated into your online marketing plan with a process to create, update and amplify.

Today all businesses must be in the content business. What do you think?

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