Consumers unfaithful, a new scenario during the crisis

Consumers unfaithful, a new scenario during the crisis

Let’s focus on the current historical context, for example, once, a great power with aspirations for full employment and with a 3% growth caused by the use … optimal, efficient? or what is even more interesting … committed to reputation? …

Consumers unfaithful, a new scenario during the crisisFrom these snows come these ice and here we are, living the stagnation of the economy of the country and the whole of the European Union, except for the same honorable exceptions that history has traditionally left us.

The financial system lost its reputation, the production model is exhausted and consumption does not pick up, but inflation soars above projections, the necessary measures to guarantee the capital needed to cover the debts assumed have meant an additional deterioration of society as a whole …

Obviously the concept of quality of customer service was only a utopia.

And, in parallel, companies see in new technologies, in social networks and in the new emotional SEO, which will punish any hint of lack of quality and commitment, a unique opportunity to open new business opportunities, new beginnings, new strengths within of weakness and, they simply launch themselves into a new online business.

The crisis has meant a change in the figure of the consumer, generally never so important or transcendent for brands in the traditional model, but that nevertheless, at present it has undergone a metamorphosis that has as a philosopher’s stone training, knowledge and the specialization…

The crisis generates unfaithful consumers, or perhaps it is that brands must get used to the new rules that govern the most efficient and unlimited business model that may have been known; where it is the unique nature of the human being with its most exalted virtues that with its alliances, its synergies and its active participation, are weaving, creating and building new edges, new opportunities, new developments.

Anyway, unfaithful consumers or brands that must get used to this new relationship with the competition, the truth is that another reflection of relevance, loyalty or capture … and what is even more important, what is the difference between them.

We must recognize that loyalty is, at the present time, synonymous with quality and efficiency, while the recruitment maintains a meaning closely linked to the economic benefits. However, it is also true that loyalty is a global concept while recruitment is -primarily- local.

Brands can attract customers who buy, but do not do it again, so there will be no loyalty.

It is therefore important to identify very clearly that it is the quality of the service provided that determines the loyalty and it is very important to keep in mind that at the present time consumers can become loyal with several brands, just like the brands among themselves. These are clear strengths of this model, brands must know how to interact in a context of consumers in search of efficiency that clearly distinguish between loyalty and recruitment.

It is evident that the common sense required by any innovative project indicates that it is much more efficient to have the tools to make users loyal.

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