Brands will continue to increase their budgets in Content Marketing

Brands will continue to increase their budgets in Content Marketing

The tough battle to develop a good content marketing strategy involves daily work, a constant reinvention. All oriented to surprise every day to the users, to offer content of quality relevant for the search engines and, altogether, to contribute value and differentiate of the competition. EConsultancy and Responsys report that this year brands will increase their digital marketing budget by 71%; Of which 70% will focus on content creation.

Brands will continue to increase their budgets in Content MarketingTo achieve this, there are various open fronts, which requires a constant struggle to stay afloat:


Google updates its algorithm frequently, in order to reward the quality of web pages that really work to deliver fresh and quality content. BtoB indicates that 93% of companies will increase their resources to improve their websites this year. It is advisable to do a general review of the site periodically, in order to detect possible errors that may damage the SEO of the page: such as some type of duplicity in the content, broken links, failure to send the sitemap, shortage of tags For images or poorly descriptive content of the products. Likewise, it is possible to invest in improving the visibility of the products, optimizing the usability of the payment process or the ways of contact with the company. According to BusinessBolts,

The corporate blog

Main generator of quality content for the brand. It is not necessary to neglect the periodical updating of its content, as well as the subjects to be treated. Try to open new fields, study trends, raise questions for your audience. Diversify your content. Do not focus solely on writing, enrich your strategy with infographics, images or videos. You will also be served as a source of inspiration from the readers’ comments or the most frequently asked questions of your clients on the web. Remember that it is about providing useful content, which serves to attract potential customers and end up convincing undecided.

The mobile

Impossible to forget about him. It is a device that is gaining in representativeness as the days pass. IgnitionOne data shows that in the United States and 18% of the searches made in the last quarter came from smartphone. On the other hand, the tablets continue to gain prominence, growing 163% over the previous year. Faced with this reality, companies have to have a content strategy adapted to the pocket displays.

Thus, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) reports that 43% of B2C companies and 33% of B2B already develop content specially designed for mobile devices, in order to reach this niche market. The first requirement is to have a site optimized for mobiles. Alliance for Audited Media tells us that 2013 will be the year when virtually all companies will finally adapt their website to these screens.

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