A Good Brand Reputation is Quay

A Good Brand Reputation is Quay

No, it’s not a spelling mistake – if you’re a business in Gloucester or thinking of setting up business – you’ll be attracted by what the Quays have to offer. What was once an abandoned dock area is now a thriving, vibrant entertainment and shopping quarter. As the new bustling centre of the city, many businesses are also drawn here including businesses that can help with your reputation online. Not only will you be looking for the perfect location for your business but you’ll want to nurture your brand image too. For Reputation Management Gloucester, visit http://digi-tel.co.uk/gloucestershire-seo-services/reputation-management/

A Good Brand Reputation is Quay

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Why protect your brand?

Many things go through our head when we want to buy something, the cost, the quality but most importantly, the trustworthiness of the seller. We respond to brands that have a good reputation and that we have developed a relationship with. That is why, in a nutshell, you need to nurture this brand image.

You need to stand out from the crowd and realise that revenue and reputation are equally as important. With the rise in online shopping and social media, business practices are more transparent than ever before so a good reputation needs to be based on honesty and integrity. A problem or scandal can be round the globe within seconds and this also affects other companies who you are affiliated with and vice versa.

A Good Brand Reputation is Quay 2

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What can you do?

Engaging in social media can be a positive experience. By demonstrating the story and people behind your product or service will increase trust and make your business more personable. Giving your brand a personality will help engage your customers and the community you are based in.

Think about the values of your business and be proactive in developing a strategy that exceeds expectations for your customers. This will increase your chances of positive reviews and go a long way towards building a lasting brand relationship with your customers.

Be aware of the potential dangers to your brand in the digital world. A brand protection plan is essential to avoid the threat of brand hijacking for example. Making your brand ‘official’ is an important step and social media giants Facebook and Twitter have tools to enable you to do this.


If your business is not appearing at the top of search results then they are not going to learn how you can solve their problems. Don’t be left behind while your competitors snap up all the customers. Improving your brand reputation and online presence can be achieved by content containing keywords which direct traffic to your website. More traffic will equal more sales so it’s a great investment to boost your search engine rankings.

Your Reputation

The most important asset for a business is its reputation and its good name. It’s not something you can’t put a price on either as customers will pay more for the same product if it’s from a reputable source.

Research has shown that employees are more likely to stay with a company when they perceive it to have a strong branding and an ethical approach.

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