You’ll Be Surprised at the Biggest Risk to Business Success

Making a success of any business comes down to one thing and one thing only: the skill of the staff. You cannot run a business with staff who have not had adequate training or who lack the necessary skills to perform in the required sector.

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A rather scary 50% of businesses say that they lack the funds or the time to train employees, but when you consider how integral an employee’s skills are to the success of the business, this needs to change. And fast.

Developing Staff Skills at Every Level

With even some of the biggest brands in the world suffering losses and closure, the spotlight has fallen firmly on the staff behind the scenes. While in some cases the closure of businesses is almost unavoidable, if the right staff were in the right positions and given the right training, things could be somewhat different.

It seems the lack of skills and training isn’t only experienced at lower levels either, but that there is also a lack of skill in the upper tiers of management and beyond, proving once again just how important the correct training can be. Expertise can be learned, and training plays a huge role in this.

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Training Options

With developing a team being considered the secret to business to success, many companies have had to address just how and when they can teach their staff the necessary skills. Many are turning to online training courses for businesses, such as those offered by, as these distance learning opportunities can be fitted in far more easily than attending workshops or taking valuable time out the office.

The internet has made it easier for training, and there is a wealth of opportunities available online. The key is for managers and business owners to take advantage of them and utilise them to the best effect.

An Effort from All Parties

In a culture where the title of manager is often handed out almost casually, and where training programs are thin on the ground, it is easy to see why so many companies suffer with unskilled staff. Turning this from a burden to a boon doesn’t have to take that much time: it just requires extra effort by those who are employed and by those who employ them.

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