Three essentials in optimising practice management

Three essentials in optimising practice management

The development of technology in the field of vision and eye health has led to marked improvement in patient care and effective practice management. The changes have shifted the focus in optical care from simply being about service to being dependent on value. When it comes to demonstrating your ability to deliver quality to your customers, how you use your technological tools to manage your practice could make all the difference.

Optician Management Software

Modern practice management software completely eliminates the need for paper records. Going paperless not only improves efficiency and productivity but also offers your clients enhanced customer service.

You get to spend more time with your clients because all the information you need is in one place and only a few clicks away. Being able to create new records with the click of a button is invaluable when you have walk-in appointments and last-minute bookings.

Practice management software like that available at gives you the ability to record every stage of your customer’s eye journey including prescription and dispensing data. Patient information is saved in the cloud, where it can be accessed from any location.

Integrated solutions will also allow you to manage your practice’s stock and financial data.

Three essentials in optimising practice management

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You can stay abreast of developments in software solutions for the optical field at

Use Practice Management software to improve market research

Effective market research involves understanding the needs of your customers and creating a strategy to meet those needs, including the supply of new products and services. Practice management software can be used to segment your different markets and create profiles within them. This can help you to discover what your customers want and what influences their purchasing decisions. Successfully deployed market research eventually leads to more sales, increased customer satisfaction, and greater profitability.

Secure online customer portals

Studies show that practices that use secure online portals have higher customer retention.

Giving your clients direct online access to your practice develops trust and underscores your commitment to quality service.

Customers are given a unique username and password and can use the service to do things like reorder contact lenses or gain access to a snapshot of their records.

You can also use online customer portals to provide educational information and provide point-of-sale support on optical products.

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