• Becoming a public speaker2
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    Becoming a public speaker: the pros and cons

    If you are thinking about quitting the rat race, the concept of becoming a professional public speaker may appeal – not only do you get to spread your ideas and talk about topics that you love and know a lot about, but you get to meet a lot of new and interesting people, and get […]

  • What is A-B testing2
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    What is A-B testing?

    A-B testing is essentially an experiment using the internet as your laboratory. In science, it would be called a ‘control’ experiment. It involves measuring the effect of one change in the way you advertise your business. You run the experiment with and without the change. If your business is more successful with the change, it […]


The business of selling Android Applications

Since the boom occurred in the sale of smartphones worldwide and from the positioning of Android as the operating system used on most mobile devices they have emerged as new and lucrative product development platform. Creating applications for Android has meant big business for many companies and independent programmers who have started to schedule them […]

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