• How to increase SEO when your website has been redesigned2
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    The Top Benefits of Online Business Directories

    As a business owner, if you haven’t considered listing your company with online directories, you may be missing out on potential clients discovering your existence. The rewards from these digital platforms for advertising can often be free and yield a high return.

  • Do brands know what kind of content consumers demand
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    Are you making good use of your reputation? Pay attention to the gap

    Are you looking to increase your sales, expand your business? Do not waste your time thinking about how your customers see your company. Instead, do your best to ensure that employees’ opinions about corporate reputation are positive. And not only positive, but it is better than the opinion that customers have about their corporate reputation. Research suggests that sales […]


SEO: industry evolution continues in 2016

Times are changing, which can only mean one thing: the folks over at Google have been tinkering with their algorithm again. Their bugbear this time? Out-of-date, static content. Image Credit Dropping off the first page You may be forgiven for thinking that this is not a big deal. After all, even the biggest websites update […]

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  • 24 mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneur

    24 mistakes to avoid as an entrepreneur

    Whenever we have before us the challenge of starting a new project, either because we are first-timers in this, or the emotion of the moment or simply because we are human and we make mistakes, it is very healthy to review the most common mistakes in entrepreneurship with intention that we win in caution and […]

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  • Cost of Average UK Home Nears £200K

    Cost of Average UK Home Nears £200K

    Reports indicate that the average price of a house in the UK is now almost £200,000, more than seven and half times the average UK income. The increase has come despite a slow start to the year in house prices, and costs are expected to rise further still as interest rates remain unchanged until at […]

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  • Social media plan 7 Important issues to resolve

    Social media plan: 7 Important issues to resolve

    Without doubt, the social media plan is the tool for any community manager or responsible for social networks before launching operatively manage anything. Regarding this issue in many companies I encounter the following problems: The social media plan is doing it on the fly: Is not it worth having a clear roadmap from the beginning […]

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  • 8 questions you must answer as an entrepreneur

    8 questions you must answer as an entrepreneur

    Over the years, one is realizing that there are many ways and different styles to undertake. Here they are influenced by many factors such as the country, cultural, age, context and personal character for example. Yes, the vast majority of those styles could be grouped into two distinct streams: 1- Style “business plan”: this is […]

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