• An introduction to driver assistance technology
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    An introduction to driver assistance technology

    Although autonomous cars are not yet available in the mainstream marketplace, the rise of driver assistance technology is changing the way that modern vehicles operate, making them safer and easier to drive. Here is a look at the various systems that are making cars smarter today. Image Credit Blind spot detection All aspiring motorists learn […]

  • Great Social Media Challenges Empathize with users
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    10 tips to gain customer trust in social media

    It is fundamental for the brands themselves, and for us as professionals, to count on the approval of their audience, their community. Customers need to feel confident that they can trust the brand, and it is up to them to decide whether to give the brand that trust or not, based on how the brand behaves […]

  • 8 Practical ideas to enhance your talent

    8 Practical ideas to enhance your talent

    The talent today is something that can be missed very easily for lack of attitude. In my opinion we should feel the obligation to constantly feed our skills with the right incentives and even uncomfortable situations that make us react actively. We have to leave the comfort zone to improve and feel that move according […]

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  • Customer loyalty how to benefit our web

    Customer loyalty how to benefit our web

    We do not realize and most active time we talk about recruitment, attraction, conversion … and let into the background almost everything that refers to the loyalty of our customers. One of the worst things that can happen to our site is that we manage transactions and that the relationship stays there without ever having any […]

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  • convert visitors into customers

    How Web convert visitors into customers?

    The goal of all companies and individuals who market their products online is turning unknown visitors from different web sites frequent visitors to the page and eventually customers with loyalty to the website and its products and services, which require diversification of themes and benefits. To fill all customer expectations and captivate a different market […]

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