• Increasing customers to your business
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    Increasing customers to your business

    To increase the chances of success for your business, you need to win those sales from potential customers who wouldn’t otherwise have heard of your business or visited your premises. Here are some clever ways to increase customer footfall: Show people where to go If you don’t point people in the right direction, then don’t […]

  • Five interesting facts about polystyrene2
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    Five interesting facts about polystyrene

    Polystyrene is a highly versatile material that can be used in a number of ways across a variety of different industries and sectors. Let’s take a closer look at why polystyrene is such an important material, and the benefits it can deliver to businesses of all sizes and specialisms. Image Credit 1. Polystyrene is ultra-light […]

  • What will the new migration system mean for construction firms2
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    What will the new migration system mean for construction firms?

    Changes to UK immigration rules were published in January, spelling out a points-based system. Ostensibly, the system will be based on skills – but in practice, salary – and it could create problems for industries accustomed to low-paid migrant labour. Image Credit Industries most affected could include hospitals, agriculture, care-working and construction. Image Credit According […]