• Community Pharmacy Services Will No Longer have Planned Cuts
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    Community Pharmacy Services Will No Longer have Planned Cuts

    Plans were put in place to cut 6% from the funding of community pharmacies in England in October 2016. However, David Mowat, the minister for community health and care, announced on the 5th of September that the plans were on hold while the ministry deliberated and assessed whether the decision is in the interest of […]

  • How to find the right tradesperson2
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    How to find the right tradesperson

    Are you planning to hire a business to work in or around your home? Whether the work is big or small, there are recommended steps to take. For your own protection, following this advice can save you time, money, and a lot of pressure. Image credit When using a business, you must: Be specific and […]

  • Contact centre training drills to improve your employees soft skills
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    Contact centre training drills to improve your employees soft skills

    Soft skills are essential to contact centres. These are the personal attributes that enable us to interact and communicate effectively and collectively with each other and customers alike. Image Credit Here are four training drills that will improve the soft skills within your contact centre. 1. Read emails aloud to enhance writing styles Each employee […]

Increase efficiency with conveyors2

Increase efficiency with conveyors

A company that constantly handles various types of materials in their factories, usually has a conveyor system. According to the required application and specific work area, this is one efficient tool, and this is what is used for: To transport large quantities of food Bulk materials, from minerals, chemicals, food, or others that have features […]

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  • What Is the Value of a Strong Brand2

    What Is the Value of a Strong Brand?

    All companies invest heavily in their brand, but why exactly is it so important? Let’s look at some key facts. Image Credit 1. Brands Are Memorable Image Credit When you say that you want a cold drink, you might reach for a Pepsi Cola or a Coca Cola. You probably don’t reach for a Cola […]

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  • Tensile structures with drones2

    Tensile structures with drones

    Many will be surprised to learn that even the construction industry is acquiring new technologies to help widen its spectrum, in a bid to innovate ordinary construction processes. One of these new tools is the use of drones in architecture. However, the process is far from straightforward and is still undergoing radical development to build […]

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