• Top reasons to consider equity release2

    Top reasons to consider equity release

    Equity release is an increasingly popular option for homeowners, particularly those approaching or just starting their retirement years. Image Credit In 2017, equity release lending surpassed the £3 billion barrier in its highest-ever annual figure. What are the main reasons you might consider taking out an equity release product? 1. To pay off your mortgage […]

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  • A Beginner's Guide to Anodising

    A Beginner’s Guide to Anodising

    The process of anodising is used to produce thick oxide coatings for aluminium and alloys. It’s an electrolytic process producing an oxide layer 5 to 30µm thick, improving a surface’s resistance to corrosion and general wear. It can be used as decoration. Image Credit During electrolytic processes, the components are made an anode by using […]

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  • The intrigue behind the accounting world2

    The intrigue behind the accounting world

    Every business owner knows how important it is to find the right accountant they provide so much more support that just filing your year end accounts. As Cheltenham Accountants know your finances are integral to your business and the relationship between business owner and accountant is an incredibly important one and one that Cheltenham Accountants […]

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  • An introduction to surface engineering processes

    An introduction to social engineering

    As our lives have moved online, so has the social engineer. No longer targeting the most vulnerable, social engineering is turning its focus to businesses, both big and small. Here are some useful tips that you can impart to your staff right away to help them spot social engineering and look after your business. Image […]

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  • Easy Ways to Measure Your Website UX2

    Easy Ways to Measure Your Website UX

    The digital marketplace is a noisy and competitive place, and providing visitors to your website with a positive user experience (UX) is integral to maintaining a valuable digital presence. Here are six effective ways to track the UX of your website. Image Credit Understand How Visitors Interact With and Navigate Your Website Heatmaps will help […]

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  • Three good reasons to get a business loan2

    Three good reasons to get a business loan

    It might seem counter-intuitive, but taking out a business loan can really benefit your business, providing you with money in the bank that you’re free to invest in new products or services or that you can use to help streamline your finances. Here are three good reasons to take out a business loan. Image Credit […]

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