• Commercial applications of silicone

    Silicone’s amazing versatility means it is used in a huge variety of commercial applications, including some that may come as a bit of a surprise. Image Credit Increasing use of silicone in cars Did you know, for instance, that every car has silicone components? Gaskets and seals, both exterior and interior, are frequently made of […]

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  • EFCI publishes guide for buyers of cleaning services

    Published in 2005, Selecting Best Value – a guide for private and public organisations awarding contracts for cleaning services, has been updated by the European Federation of Cleaning Industries (EFCI). Image Credit What has been updated? The guide, which was originally published to help those hiring a cleaning company, was reworked to reflect the changes […]

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  • Is social media compromising our security2

    Is social media compromising our security?

    Could social media platforms be threatening our personal security? Could the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just be playing into the hands of those who want to harm us? Recent reports have found that social media could certainly be playing a part in jeopardising our security. What are the threats, and how can we […]

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  • What jobs require a DBS check2

    What jobs require a DBS check?

    A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check is not always required, but your employer will require you to have one if a role falls into a certain category of work or you are applying to be a volunteer within certain types of organisation. Here we look at which jobs require such a check, how you […]

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